10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixer Grinder You Should Know | Guide

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixer Grinder You Should Know

Wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of mixer grinder?

Are you looking to buy a mixer grinder for your home? It is a very productive kitchen tool that plays an invaluable role during your meal preparation. No doubt that there are a lot of advantages of a mixer grinder & it’s an irreplaceable appliance.

However, every kitchen tool has some drawbacks. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits & disadvantages of a mixer grinder that you should be knowing before you buy. Read this buying guide completely & it will help you before you buy a mixer grinder (Point No. 5 is important).

Advantages of Mixer Grinders

1. Time-Saving (Time is Money!)

  • Faster food processing
  • Saving your time for other works

No one can question the calibre of a mixer grinder when it comes to saving time. Especially for people working from home in this lockdown, this kitchen tool is a boon.

save time using mixer grinder

When you or your mother manually grind the raw foods, it not only demands extra effort but a huge amount of time. A mixer grinder comes to the rescue in this situation.

It can process a large chunk of food within few seconds, without involving your hands. It’s like ‘plug & play‘. We call time-saving the #1 advantage of using mixer grinders since time is money.

2. Efficiency (No Doubt!)

  • Highly efficient kitchen tool
  • Get the desired texture

It is among the biggest advantages of using mixer grinders. When your chef uses the traditional stone pounding method to grind the raw materials, it’s not efficient. Forget about time & effort.

mixer grinder efficiency

Every food item is unique and they need a different texture during the meal preparation. Some need a fine grinding, some need coarse & whereas few ingredients might be best at their medium size particles.

However, a human hand & mind can’t do things that perfectly. They can just speculate the grinding process. That’s why you need a mixer grinder for your kitchen which is highly efficient & you can select the best grinding speed as per the requirement.

3. Multiple Applications (All-in-one)

The next advantage of mixer grinders is, they offer a variety of operations. Let’s point down the most important applications of a mixer grinder:

  • Dry grinding
  • Wet grinding
  • Blending
  • Cutting
  • Mixing
  • Juicing
  • Chutney making
  • & lot more

Some high-end mixer grinders, like Preethi Zodiac MG 218 offer even more advanced applications like meat mincing & atta kneading.

Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

But basic operations like dry/wet grinding, liquidizing, chutney making etc. are available on every mixer grinder in India. For juicing, you can choose a juicer mixer grinder.

This plenty of applications is nearly impossible for our hands, that too in less time & effort.  That’s why Indian households are going crazy for a mixer grinder for their kitchen.

Let’s have a look at few more mixer grinder advantages and disadvantages.

4. Flexibility to Choose Speed

  • Choose Low, Medium or High speed
  • Whip function for faster blending or mixing

As we have discussed in point no. 2, efficiency is something that cannot be achieved with hands. Different ingredients require a different processing speed and so, we have the speed selector switch in the mixer grinders.

Generally, you have the option to select the speed among low, medium & high. For tough materials, high speed is recommended. Additionally, the whip (or incher) function runs the motor at the highest speed for blending.

This user-friendly switch is one of the core advantages of a mixer grinder. Because if grinding is done manually, you might underestimate or overestimate the extent of grinding.

5. Involved in Variety of Meal Preparation

As we have seen in advantage No. 3 above, a mixer grinder can do a lot of operations for you. Regardless of what you are cooking for dinner, it is involved in some or another way.

Let’s have a look at how it can help in our mean preparation process:

  • Dry masala powder grinding
  • Delicious chutney preparation
  • Purees & smoothies
  • Spices pastes
  • Atta-kneading
  • Idli/Dosa batter preparation
  • Juicing
  • Meat mincing
  • Vegetable chopping

meal preparation

Hence, we can say that it is a multi-tasking kitchen tool. This is just an extensive list of advantages of owning a mixer grinder for the home.

However, please be informed that advanced applications like meat mincing, vegetable chopping, atta-kneading are advanced kinds of stuff & high wattage motors are needed to furnish these operations.

Benefits of Mixer Grinders

6. Reduced Efforts (Just Relax)

  • Get rid of all the complexities in food preparation
  • Pain-free operations

Cooking is a complex process that involves several steps before we put food on the table. A lot of human effort is expected in each step, & is frustrating, especially for a newbie.

save efforts

Unless you get a mixer grinder, these steps can harass you mentally & physically. Though a mixer grinder cannot completely replace human hands, it can reduce the efforts you put into a large extent.

In this modern era, everybody wants & value the comfort they get. This handy kitchen tool is extremely helpful to achieve it.

7. Grinding Hard Ingredients

The traditional stone pounding method is not effective in grinding or cutting tough materials. You might injure yourself by doing this by hand.

tough ingredients for mixer grinder

However, a mixer grinder has sharp blades which can grind, cut & chop the hardest materials in minutes. Just insert the material in the jar, start the machine & relax.

Particularly in the Indian kitchen, mixer grinders can be seen grinding garlic, coconut, turmeric etc. That’s the key benefits of mixer grinder.

8. Safety 

Even after delivering so much value, a mixer grinder is safe to use, but with come conditions (we will talk about them in disadvantages of a mixer grinder section).

  • Safety locking
  • Overload protection
  • Vacuum rubber feet

When it runs at high speed, there is a chance of spillage of ingredients out of the jar. To eliminate this possibility, we have jar safety locking. Without placing the jar properly, it won’t start.

Secondly, almost all mixer grinders come with overheating or overloading protection. Hence, your application is safe from a sudden rise in voltage or excessive heat generation.

For added stability, the main body of the mixer grinder has vacuum rubber feet. It won’t move. These are another set of advantages of mixer grinders.

9. Simple to use & Clean

  • Detachable components
  • Dishwasher safe (in some cases)

No kitchen appliance can be preferred unless it is user friendly, easy to use & clean. Luckily, a mixer grinder fits all these criteria & that’s why people are compelled to buy one for their home.

Even a complete newbie can operate a mixer grinder. Just feed the ingredients inside the jar, lock the jar and start it. That’s easy it is to use.

kitchen tool cleaning process

Nowadays few mixer grinders come with dishwasher safe attachments. Hence, even when it comes to cleaning, you do not need to put in a manual effort.

Even it is not, the cleaning process is handy. The blades are detachable & stainless-steel jars do not too much effort to get cleaned & ready for another session. Let’s look at point no. 10 of the mixer grinder advantages and disadvantages.

10. Pocket Friendly 

  • Available for as low as Rs. 2000
  • Choose the one which suits your budget & need

Lastly, you would never prefer to buy any kitchen appliance that burns your pocket. Fortunately, a mixer grinder is available in the Indian market as per your requirement & budget.

pocket friendly

It does not matter to which section of society you belong to, there is always lucrative mixer grinders available at mouth-watering prices.

For basic grinding, a mixer grinder starts as low as Rs. 2000. For high wattage motors, you can have it for Rs. 3000. For more complex operations, you have to spend Rs. 8000 onwards.

Not only this, but you can buy a mixer grinder with 500W or 750W (or even 1000W) motors. Learn more about how much wattage mixer grinder is good.

Disadvantages of Mixer Grinder

1. Makes Noise

  • More wattage = more noise = more electricity consumption
  • Give it rest after every 2 minutes

It is the #1 reason for disliking a mixer grinder. The level of noise it generates is of range 85-90dB & it’s truly annoying.

mixer grinder noise

The situation goes worst in the case of high wattage mixer grinders. (Pro tip: Never run it in the early morning!) Your loved ones would be angry with you.

We can reduce the noise level to some extent, using grease oil & proper maintenance. But don’t expect too many improvements, it will continue to annoy you.

2. Sharpness of Blades

sharp mixer grinder blades

Sharp & sturdy blades are among the advantages of a mixer grinder but don’t use them carelessly. You might injure yourself during the cleaning process.

Handle the blades properly & with utmost care. keep them out of reach of children & pets. It might hurt them knowingly or unknowingly.

3. Price Increases as per the Applications

  • More applications = expensive
  • Don’t buy a cheap one just to save few hundreds

This disadvantage of mixer grinders is closely related to the pricing. At low prices, you get a 500 watts motor that is not too efficient for hard materials.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend Rs. 7000 or 8000, you can enjoy advanced applications such as kneading, mincing, chopping etc.

For mid-range mixer grinders, you get the juicer attachment as well. To sum it up, the price of a mixer grinder is directly proportional to the number of applications it offers.

4. Heating Issues

  • Destroys the vitamins on the food
  • Life expectancy if motor reduces

Since a mixer grinder generates a lot of heat within seconds, this factor can’t be overlooked. Yes, we have overload protection in our machine, but it affects our meal.

heating issues in mixer grinder

When the motor heats up, it warms the food in the jars. Unnecessary heating of ingredients results in the loss of components that are beneficial for our health.

Additionally, heating of internal circuitry on daily basis reduces the lifespan of any electrical appliance, & it’s one of the main disadvantages of mixer grinders.

5. Repairing & Service Centres

  • Long repairing time
  • Availability of service centres in your city

All the mixer grinders in India comes with at least 1 or 2 years of warranty. If you got into some issue, the repairing of mixer grinders is not that easy.

repairing of mixer grinder in your city

It takes a lot of time for service centres to get it resolved. If your blades are broken, you have no option to buy a separate jar.

So before buying a mixer grinder, check if your city has service centres installed or not (of that particular company). Few brands offer home service & that’s truly awesome.

Closing Thoughts | Mixer Grinder Advantages and Disadvantages

We have just discussed the main advantages & disadvantages of a mixing machine. Clearly, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks & that’s why we recommend you to have a mixer grinder for the kitchen.

Obviously, we can’t completely eliminate the hazards of any kitchen appliance. But if used cautiously, we can definitely minimise the risks & get most of it.

Happy Cooking!

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