8 Best Electric Vegetable Choppers in India (Jun 2022) Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Electric Vegetable Choppers in India reviews


Searching for the best electric vegetable choppers in India?

Is your mom or life partner still using that old knife? Vegetable chopping becomes hectic for them not only in terms of efforts, but it consumes a lot of time.

That’s why it’s the right time to switch to an electric vegetable chopper, automate the process, and get rid of hand pain. We are presenting the best electric choppers for fruits & vegetables that you will love. The amazing part is, you don’t need to burn your pocket to buy one.

Best Electric Vegetable Choppers in India 2021: Reviews

Best Electric ChopperMotor (watts)Capacity (ml)Links (Amazon)
Borosil Chef Delite chopper300W600ml CHECK PRICE
Orpat Express vegetable chopper250W700ml CHECK PRICE
Prestige PEC 3.0250W500ml CHECK PRICE
Glenn Mini vegetable chopper250W400ml CHECK PRICE
Preethi CH Electric chopper450W700ml CHECK PRICE
Inalsa Joy vegetable chopper250W850ml CHECK PRICE
Morphy Richards electric chopper300W840ml CHECK PRICE
Inalsa Single Speed Chopper CHECK PRICE
Wonderchef Electric Nutri-Chop CHECK PRICE
Glen Electric Chopper CHECK PRICE
Home Plus Ultra CHECK PRICE

1. Inalsa Bullet Electric Chopper for Vegetables

  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Effortless mincing, chopping & pureeing
  • Excellent Design
  • Sharp double-layer blade
  • Value for money

Speed up the meal preparation with Inalsa bullet electric chopper. Inalsa is the #1 brand that delivers quality kitchen tools that are in reach of every Indian.

Inalsa bullet vegetable electric chopper comes with a 450 watts copper motor. It exerts high torque for easy chopping of onions, garlic, carrot, pepper & nuts.

Whether you want to chop or mince, all it takes is just 3 minutes. Inalsa Bullet electric chopper comes with variable 2-speed settings.

For easy chopping & dicing tasks, select speed 1. Speed 2 is smooth & hard vegetables, lump-free purees & sauces. However, you can select a single-speed version as well to save some money.

Inalsa bullet electric vegetable and fruits chopper

Inalsa bullet chopper uses twin blade technology to give the best vegetable chopping & mincing results. We can chop coarse, medium or fine. This flexibility makes it the best electric chopper in India.

The blades are detachable so that you have the flexibility for your chopping tasks. Now chop onions, vegetables, fruits or nuts conveniently with the 500 ml large bowl. Such a large transparent jar eliminates the need for multiple sessions.

Lastly, I am greatly impressed with the design & build quality. This stylish design electric chopper comes with a stainless-steel finish. The main body is made of high-quality ABS body, giving it strength & durability.

  • Powerful vegetable chopper with 450W motor
  • 2-speed settings
  • Twin blade technology
  • 500ml bowl size
  • Chopping, Mincing, Blending & Pureeing
  • ABS body & stylish design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2 years warranty
  • Noise level


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Single Speed version

2. Borosil Chef Delite Electric Chopper for vegetables

  • User-friendly
  • Finely chop any vegetable in seconds
  • Noise-free operation
  • Highly rated & among best-sellers
  • Best electric chopper for vegetables

Your mother will never complain about tears or pains during chopping onions. Borosil chef delite chopper has excellent chopping & mincing capabilities, that too without noise.

Borosil Chef Delite electric chopper for vegetables

It comes with 300 watts copper motor to carry out all the operations for you. Since the power is low as compared to the Inalsa bullet chopper, you get rid of the noisy kitchen.

The combination of motor & dual blades enables chopping of leafy vegetables, onion mincing, & garlic. Actually, it has a single & a dual blade for the best texture.

Heating is obvious in electric vegetable choppers in India. To counter this, Borosil electric chopper provides inbuilt thermal cutoff for appliance safety. It’s very portable & easy to use.

Borosil Chef dual blades

You can process a large chunk of vegetables with the 600ml ‘chop & serve’ plastic bowl. No need to waste your time in multiple chopping sessions.

The design of the Borosil Chef vegetable chopper is very compact & is simple to operate. The anti-skid base ensures a slip-free chopping & mincing.

However, do not try to chop/mince hard vegetables since the motor power is low. Still, it’s among the electric chopper for kitchen.

  • 300W copper motor
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Dual-blades
  • 600ml large bowl
  • Excellent material quality & design
  • Quick vegetable chopping & mincing
  • Auto-cut off
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2 years warranty
  • Not fit for too hard vegetables/fruit


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3. Orpat Express Vegetable Chopper in India

  • Multi-purpose electric chopper
  • Chop veggies, mince onions & blending
  • Prepares smoothies, shakes & salad dressings
  • Durable product
  • Pocket friendly

Do you have a large family & need a big bowl in your electric chopper? Orpat express vegetable chopper comes with a 700 ml large bowl, keeping the need of your family members.

Orpat Express fruits & vegetable electric chopper

It has a 250 watts medium-sized motor for chopping vegetables without mush. Mince onions, garlic, herbs within seconds, and prepare purees & sauces effortlessly.

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Orpat electric chopper is powerful & have sharp blades for long life & easy chopping, mincing. For blending & whisking, we have a separate plastic blade.

The speed regulated movement gives you the freedom to select the optimum chopping speed for texture. Orpat Express comes with 700 ml maximum container capacity and 500 ml capacity for chopping & mincing.

Hence, you can process a large volume of vegetables & fruits in one go. From the design perspective, it proves to be a winning product.

Orpat express vegetable chopper is easy to use, clean & store. It’s a very durable product. The 360-degree anti-slippery base is responsible for smooth working during chopping, mincing or blending.

  • 250W motor
  • Regulated movement
  • Easy chopping, mincing & blending
  • Sharp, powerful blades
  • Multi purpose splash guard cover
  • 700ml max capacity, 500ml for chopping
  • Anti-slippery base
  • Easy to use & clean
  • 2 years warranty
  • Weight (1.4 Kg)
  • Low motor wattage


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4. Prestige PEC 3.0 Electric Vegetable Chopper Review

  • Cheap vegetable chopper
  • Compact & attractive
  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Store & refrigerate food
  • Best chopper for kitchen

Looking for Prestige electric chopper at a low price? Presenting the Prestige PEC 3.0 with a 250 watts powerful motor for vegetable chopping, mincing, whisking & a lot more.

This vegetable chopper has a press button at the top to make it easy to use. The motor works silently to help you get the best results in chopping fruits, mincing onions, dicing, crushing ice & whipping.

For quick & efficient chopping & dicing operations, Prestige PEC 3.0 has a sharp, stainless steel blade system. It provides you smooth results, be it coarse, medium or fine.

Apart from handling normal tasks, it does a lot. You can whip cream, cut fruits & nuts or crush ices more easily & conveniently.

chop vegetables with Prestige PEC 3.0 Electric Chopper

The bowl capacity of the Prestige PEC chopper is 500 ml. The transparent container allows you to monitor the process. Plastic container can be used to store and refrigerate food.

However, the Prestige vegetable chopper does not have multi-speed settings. It has just one speed. Its unique ring-handles design facilitates effortless & easy chopping and cutting.

Prestige PEC chopper tops in terms of overall quality, design & performance. It looks very attractive, convenient and is easy to store on your kitchen shelf.

  • Excellent performance with 250W motor
  • Sharp SS blades
  • Easy mincing, chopping & whipping
  • Suitable for veggies, fruits & herbs
  • 500ml large bowl
  • Unique ring handle design
  • Lightweight
  • 1 year warranty
  • No multi-speed settings
  • Less warranty than competitiors


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5. Glen Mini Electric Vegetable Chopper

  • Small & compact chopper
  • Extra bowl & whisker disc
  • Best vegetable chopper for a small family
  • Value for money
  • Multi-purpose

Do you need a vegetable chopper under 1500 for a small family? If yes, Glen mini electric chopper might be a perfect match for your requirements. It is highly rated & got excellent feedbacks by the buyers.

250 watts electric choppers are readily available nowadays. Glen mini have 250 watts copper motor to furnish vegetable chopping, mincing & whisking.

Since the motor wattage is not very high, you will not notice much noise, and that’s good. However, a 250 watts motor might not be that perfect for hard ingredients & dry fruits.

Now coming to the bowl size, we have got a 400 ml container which is just fine for small families. To my surprise, Glen mini vegetable chopper comes with one extra polycarbonate, food-grade safe bowl for easy storage & refrigeration.

Glen Mini Electric Vegetable Chopper

This extra bowl prevents the mixup of food flavours, & is particularly useful for garlic, onions & eggs. The best part is, we have got one whisker disk for preparing frothy batters, creams & moose. If you need the best electric garlic chopper, here it is.

That’s how we call it a complete, multi-functional electric chopper. One drawback I observed in Glen mini chopper is, you have no choice for speed setting. Also, the attachments are not dishwasher safe.

glen chopper extra bowl

For best performance, the sharp, two-edged stainless-steel blades are designed to give faster chopping & mincing. The blades are rust-resistant & strong enough to work for years.

Lastly, the design of the Glen vegetable chopper makes it the winning product. The ABS main body assures durability, and the anti-skid feet means maximum stability while in action.

  • 250W powerful motor
  • Chopping, mincing, & whisking
  • 400ml bowl size
  • An extra food-grade safe container
  • Whisker disc
  • Sharp SS blades
  • Anti-skid feet
  • ABS body, anti-skid feet
  • 2 years warranty
  • No speed setting
  • Not dishwasher safe


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Best Electric Chopper For Vegetables

6. Preethi CH 601 Electric Chopper for Fruits

  • Robust motor for fast processing
  • Suitable for large families
  • Perfectly chopped onions, cabbage, nuts etc.
  • Lightweight & easy to store

If you are looking for the best vegetable electric chopper in India, Preethi CH 601 must be in your mind. This is ideal for not only soft fruits & vegetables, but it chops dry fruits & hard vegetables within seconds.

Preethi CH 601 Electric Chopper for vegetables & fruits

It is able to do so with its 450-watts powerful copper motor. Since the motor wattage is very high, it takes little to no time in doing these tasks.

Looking for the best electric chopper for onions? With the Preethi electric chopper, perfectly chop vegetables like garlic, cabbage, nuts & mince onions effortlessly. No need to involve your soft hands because this chopper comes hard to all foods.

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However, you have to use it in single-speed only, no speed settings are there. Preethi CH 601 vegetable chopper is equipped with super sharp SS blades for perfect cutting, chopping & mincing results.

vegetable chopper uses

For a big family, food processing time takes longer. To counter this, Preethi provides a 700ml big bowl. Having this, you can mince or chop large quantities of veggies without multiple sessions.

Hence, Preethi electric chopper is perfect for big family sizes. This chopper is dramatically lightweight, it weighs just 750 grams! No other vegetable chopper can be this compact for your kitchen.

Lastly, Preethi CH 601 vegetable chopper is easy to use, clean & provide the full value for your money. Highly recommended product for your kitchen.

  • 450W powerful motor
  • Ideal for hard vegetables & dry fruits
  • Single speed operation
  • Very sharp SS blades
  • 700 ml large bowl
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Extreme lightweight (750g)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • No speed settings


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7. Inalsa Joy Electric Chopper for Kitchen

  • All-in-one chopper
  • Meat mincing & curd whisking, beating eggs, etc.
  • 3 minutes continuous usage
  • Simple to operate

Inalsa is famous for its strong & sturdy kitchen tools, be it hand mixers, blenders or food processors. Let’s look at what they have to offer in Inalsa Joy chopper for our kitchen.

This vegetable electric chopper is for those people looking for an all-in-one kitchen tool. It is not only made for mincing, chopping or blending but can even process meat mincing & pureeing.

All these tasks have become possible because of the 250 watts motor. This powerful, noiseless & effective motor can do the job for nearly 3 minutes, continuously.

With the Inalsa Joy electric chopper, chop vegetables, garlic, carrot, chillies, mince onions, cabbage & even meat. Do not stop here, but blending tomato & pureeing is possible with it.

Inalsa Joy Electric Chopper for Kitchen

All these complex operations are carried out with super sharp SS blades. These precise angle blades take the minimum time to chop & mince. Additionally, we get a whisker blade for easy whisking.

Inalsa electric vegetable chopper runs at a single speed. We get a 500ml break-resistant PC processing bowl. It’s not too small or large, it’s just perfect for all your needs.

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Inalsa joy chopper is dishwasher safe, hence it becomes easy to clean & maintain. The main body is made of high-quality ABS material for a shockproof, sturdy body. The transparent jar gives you better control for fine chopping & mincing.

  • 250W efficient motor
  • Single speed operation
  • 500ml PC bowl
  • Chopping, mincing, blending & whisking
  • Ssharp angle blades
  • ABS body
  • Multipurpose Splash Guard Cover
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1 year warranty
  • No multi-speed settings
  • Service centre issues


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8. Morphy Richards Electric Chopper for Vegetables

  • 840ml big bowl
  • No overheating of the motor
  • 4-leaf blade system
  • Effective mincing, chopping & whisking

Morphy Richards is a British brand but is well known for offering quality kitchen tools at very reasonable prices. If you have a very big family, their vegetable chopper might help you ease out the meal preparation.

Equipped with the 300 watts DC motor, this chopper eliminates the hazard of heating issues. With this motor, you can easily perform chopping, mincing & whisking of your food in minimum time.

The uniquely designed d4-leaf stainless steel chopping blades help you achieve the perfect chopping & mincing results. Not only about these simple tasks, but we have one whisker attachment for whisking & mixing needs.

Why we are recommending this vegetable chopper for big families is its extra-large bowl size. It has a ridiculously big 840ml bowl which allows you to process a large volume of fruits & veggies that no other electric vegetable chopper in India offers.Morphy Richards Vegetable Electric Chopper

Its wider mouth enables maximum chopping & mincing at one go. No need to run it multiple times if some guest surprises you at your door at weekends.

Morphy Richards chopper comes with the best technology and reliability for hassle-free use. Aesthetically designed with red colour make this kitchen tool stand out in your kitchen.

Morphy provides a sincere warranty of 2 years with this vegetable chopper.

  • 300W DC motor
  • No heating issues
  • 840 ml extra-large bowl
  • 4-stainless steel chopping blade system
  • Chop/Mince very large amount of food
  • Aestheticlly designed electric chopper
  • Whisking attachment
  • 2 years warranty
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Single speed operation
  • Cost


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Conclusion | Electric Choppers For Vegetables Price

We are done with reviews of the best electric vegetable choppers in India. All the listed products are well researched, delivers the best performance & are greatly appreciated by the buyers. They all are among Amazon’s best sellers.

If you would like to know our opinion (unbiased), we recommend you go for Inalsa Bullet Inox OR Borosil Chef Delite. For general purposes, Glen mini electric vegetable chopper is best. They all are highly rated & got excellent user reviews.

Buying Guide- Electric Choppers

  • What is an electric chopper?

An electric chopper is a kitchen tool that is used to chop & mince vegetables and fruits. It has a bowl & sharp blades for its operation.

  • Is an electric vegetable chopper useful?

Definitely Yes. A vegetable electric chopper saves your time & effort. Get rid of your pains in cutting, chopping or mincing hard vegetables & automate them with a chopper. These are the tasks you can perform:

  1. Chopping
  2. Mincing
  3. Blending
  4. Cutting
  5. Pureeing
  • How much is an electric chopper price in India?

You can buy an electric vegetable chopper for as low as Rs. 800. For best performance & big bowl size, it costs around Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2000.

  • How to use an electric vegetable chopper?

It’s like plug & play. Just insert the vegetable or fruit inside the bowl, and connect the electric chopper to the mains. Switch it on & relax. Within 2 minutes, it will give you the results.

  • What are the best electric choppers for the kitchen?

Best Electric ChopperMotor (watts)Capacity (ml)Links (Amazon)
Borosil Chef Delite chopper300W600ml CHECK PRICE
Orpat Express vegetable chopper250W700ml CHECK PRICE
Prestige PEC 3.0250W500ml CHECK PRICE
Glenn Mini vegetable chopper250W400ml CHECK PRICE
Preethi CH Electric chopper450W700ml CHECK PRICE
Inalsa Joy vegetable chopper250W850ml CHECK PRICE
Morphy Richards electric chopper300W840ml CHECK PRICE
Inalsa Single Speed Chopper CHECK PRICE
Wonderchef Electric Nutri-Chop CHECK PRICE
Glen Electric Chopper CHECK PRICE
Home Plus Ultra CHECK PRICE

  • Which company electric chopper is best?
  1. Inalsa
  2. Borosil
  3. Glen
  4. Prestige
  5. Preethi
  • How to choose the best vegetable electric chopper?

These are the important factors before you choose the best vegetable chopper-

  1. Motor power: It is the No.1 parameter to look into before you buy an electric chopper. Your appliance should have a motor of at least 250 or 300 watts. Additionally, it should be able to chop coarse, medium or fine.
  2. Speed Settings: Any electric chopper is expected to have at least 2-speed settings, It gives us the flexibility to select the optimum chopping or mincing speed as per the food or fruit in question.
  3. Bowl Size: Larger the bowl size, the more capacity it would have. For an ideal electric chopper for kitchen, the bowl size must be 500ml (minimum). Remember, with the big bowl size, a large volume of food processing is possible at the same time.
  4. Blades Quality: No doubt, they must be made of stainless steel & sharp enough. Some electric chopper brands offer 4-leaf blades, they are quite helpful in shortening the meal preparation time.
  5. Design & Build Quality: Your kitchen tool should last for at least 1.5 years. Although you can contact customer service because most electric choppers online come with 2 years warranty. The main body should be made of ABS plastic & the blades should be made of stain-steel for durability.
  6. Functions: Any vegetable chopper should be able to perform mincing, chopping & dicing. Few of them offer blending & pureeing as well, which is added bonus.