Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India | Which Brand Mixer Grinder is Best?

Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India

Looking for a new mixer grinder but not sure which brand will be best? Well, in the era of competition, every company is giving cut-throat competition to each other.

We get confused about how to choose the top mixer grinder brand. But, today we’re back with the list of best mixer grinder brands in India and their offerings.

Going after any mixer grinder brand listed here will let you all set with your cooking needs. After this handy article, you’ll be clear on which brand mixer grinder is best.

Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India

1. Bajaj Mixer Grinders

Bajaj electricals are a well-reputed brand when it comes to household appliances. Their products are not only rich in quality but easy to use and come at a very reasonable price. The Bajaj service centre network in India is also very large which is necessary to build trust among people.Bajaj mixer grinders When we talk about buying mixer grinders in India, Bajaj is the first thing coming to our mind. The material quality of Bajaj grinders is excellent with robust technology. Hence, they can serve you for years without damage. The copper motors are highly capable of doing the job efficiently.

Bajaj offers different kinds of mixer grinders for various purposes. These include 500 watts mixer grinders, 750W or mixer juicers. You can select among them as per your kitchen needs. Normally 750 watts mixer grinders are for tough grinding whereas 500W is only for regular grinding activities.

Bajaj GX8 750 watts Mixer Grinder

Pricing is an important aspect while choosing any product. Bajaj grinders come at a very affordable price for everyone. It ranges from Rs. 2000 to 5999 and beyond. But the point is, you get the full value of your money back. We get 5 years of warranty on the motor & 2 years on the product. Of course, Bajaj mixer grinders are the best sellers at Amazon India.

  top 10 bajaj mixer grinders

2. Preethi Mixer Grinders in India

If you hail from south India, I don’t need to tell you how famous Preethi is over there. It is one of India’s best mixer grinder brands that has won the trust of millions of customers. If you want a top-notch quality mixer grinder, Preethi is the ultimate mixer grinder brand in India you should opt for.

Preethi mixer grinders

The material quality is the most discussed part of Preethi mixer grinders. All their products come with ABS body which provides the due strength & durability. Jars, blades etc are made of high-quality stainless steel for years of use. Preethi offers you mainly two types of grinders- 500W or 750W.

You may say that Preethi mixer grinders are a little expensive, but they are worth it because the food processing quality is superb. Most people prefer to buy 750 watts Preethi mixer to perform tough grinding. They are really simple & easy to use.

Preethi Zion 227 Mixer Grinder

No doubt that Preethi mixer grinders are best selling products at Amazon India. Not just because of the quality, but the trust among people drives this result for them. Most products come with 2 years product warranty & 5 years motor warranty. The amazing part is their lifelong free service.

  top Preethi mixer grinders

3. Philips Mixer Grinders in India

Who is not impressed with the Philips electrical products? This Netherland’s company has countless loyal customers when it comes to household products. How can they stay behind when it comes to the kitchen? The most loving thing is their products are in reach of every pocket size, no need to burn your pocket anymore.Philips mixer grinders

All Philips mixer grinders are easy to use, easy to clean with appreciable quality in their material. All the accessories provided are highly rich in quality & are ready to serve you for years. Philips offers a wide range of mixer grinders, be it 500 watts, 550 watts or 750 watts. Mixer juicers are also highly sold made by Philips.

As far as price is concerned, Philips grinders offer complete value to your money. Pricing starts as low as 1800 and goes up to 8000 rupees. Hence, everyone in India can opt for this awesome brand without hesitation or destroying their budget. This special thing is the reason why Philips is one of the top mixer grinder brands in India.

philips mixer grinder below 4000 rupees

Most Philips mixers come with 5 years warranty on the motor & 2 years on the product. A few of them has only 2 years warranty on the motor which are priced low. My recommendation is, have a mid-budget of Rs. 2500-3000 to make most of it. Philips service centres are easily available across the world, making them among the best brands for mixer grinder.

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Other Top Mixer Grinder Brands in India-

4. Prestige Mixer Grinders in India

Prestige is an Indian company that manufactures kitchen appliances. The company has been at the forefront of innovation and has been the fastest-growing company in the kitchen appliance space. Their mixer grinders are also widely loved & used across India. Whenever we think of mixer grinder best brands, Prestige deserves its place.Preethi mixer grinders

Prestige mixer grinders are stylish, powerful, easy to use & clean. All the parts are made of high-quality material for smooth functioning. If you need it for regular grinding, 500 or 550 watts mixer grinder is available. Otherwise, Presitge 750 watts mixer grinders offer tough grinding with tons of features. Prestige mixer juicers are also bestsellers.

Prestige mixer grinders come at a very attractive price. It ranges from Rs. 2000 to 8000. Hence, regardless of the budget, it is made available for every fellow. Prestige service centres are available across India in case you have any issues with the product.

Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watts Mixer Grinder

We get 2 years of warranty with each mixer grinder. Few mid-priced Prestige mixer grinders are really very popular. To choose the best mixer grinder as per your need & budget, you can visit our dedicated page for Preethi mixer grinders with detailed reviews.

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Mixer grinders below 4000

5. Butterfly Mixer Grinders in India

This Indian mixer grinder brand giving cut-throat competition to all the big players. A lot of Butterfly grinders make it to the best sellers, few among the top 5. Brand reputation is also getting better day after day.Butterfly mixer grinder brand in India

Butterfly mixer grinders are also very durable just like other brands’. Be it the blades, jars, design or the motor, they make winning products with high performance assured. You can select the best mixer grinder coming with different motor sizes, 500watts, 550 watts or 750 watts.

This Indian brand also take cares of our pocket. So they have made their products reachable for every section of society. We can select any Butterfly mixer grinder priced at 5000 or as low as Rs. 2000. All mixers are covered with a 2 years warranty also.

FAQs | India’s Best Mixer Grinder Brands

  • Which Brand is Best For Mixer Grinder in India?

All the brands listed above are mixer grinder top brands. It depends on your budget & requirement which one you choose. Philips, Preethi & Bajaj are the top 3.

  • Who are Mixer Grinder Manufacturers in India?

Philips, Bajaj, Preethi, Prestige are the leaders. Besides these, Cookwell, Bosch, Panasonic, Sujata are also doing great in India.

  • How to Choose the Best Mixer Grinder?

You can visit our detailed articles which will analyse your requirement before you hit the buy button.

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