10 Best Preethi Mixer Grinders in India (Jun 2022) | Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the Preethi mixer grinder price list? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Preethi is a leading brand when it comes to quality led best mixer grinders in India. Preethi kitchen appliances are especially famous and trusted in South India.

In 2010, Preethi became the largest selling mixer-grinder brand in India. Over the last decade. they have made it clear that they will strive hard to serve you with the best kitchen tools coming at the best prices.

The insane popularity of Preethi compelled us to list out the 10 best Preethi mixer grinders in India with the utmost quality, perfect grinding experience coming at a mouth-watering price.

Best Preethi Mixer Grinders in India

But before that, our extensive buying guide on mixer grinders will help you in choosing the best mixer grinder for your kitchen. You might want to know the aspects of buying a kitchen appliance so we have prepared it.

How do I Choose a Mixer Grinder?

These are the 5 most important factors while selecting a mixer grinder for home-

1. Motor Power

  • If you want to go light to medium grinding, choose a mixer grinder with 500 watts motor.
  • But if you wanna grind or crush hard ingredients, always for either 750 watts or 1000 watts mixer grinders.
  • Check for overload protection.
  • Always buy mixer grinders with copper motors (avoid Aluminium).
  • Prefer motors that produce less noise.

2. Pricing

  • In India, mixer grinders start for Rs. 2000 & go up to Rs. 8000.
  • If we see at Preethi mixer grinder price list, they are available in between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 4000.
  • Cheap mixer grinders come with a 500 watts motor, which is not fit for hard grinding.
  • If you are willing to spend Rs 3000, you can enjoy most of their features.
  • Don’t buy it too cheap because it will cost you later during repairs & follow-ups.

3. Jars

  • Most of the mixies come with 3 jars.
  • Few have additional juicer jars, called juicer mixer grinders.
  • Always select jars with stainless steel design & sturdy build quality.
  • Check for lid-locking & flow breakers for best grinding results.
  • Jar sizes should be good enough.

4. Design & Build Quality

  • The main body should be made up of ABS material. (Most Preethi mixer grinder models have this)
  • Blades should be made of stainless steel-304.
  • The cord is made of copper.
  • Check for vacuum rubber feet for stability.
  • Dishwasher safety is always preferred.

5. Brand Value

  • The reputation of a brand in the market is directly related to its accountability to customers.
  • Preethi is very responsive to buyer grievances.
  • Locate the brand’s service centres before finalising a mixer grinder.
  • Check what is covered in the warranty (& what is not).
  • Check out what people have to say about a particular brand on online platforms.

Best Preethi Mixer Grinders Price List-

Best Preethi Mixer Grinder-Links (Amazon)
Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond CHECK PRICE
Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum CHECK PRICE
Preethi Peppy MG 245 CHECK PRICE
Preethi MG214 Blue Leaf Expert CHECK PRICE
Preethi Blue Leaf Gold CHECK PRICE
Preethi Crown MG-205 CHECK PRICE
Preethi Premium Mixer Grinders
Preethi Zion MG-227 CHECK PRICE
Preethi Zodiac 2.0 MG235 CHECK PRICE
Preethi Steel Supreme MG-208 CHECK PRICE
Preethi Xpro Duo CHECK PRICE

1. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder

Top Features:

  • Good fit for tough grinding
  • Flexi lid feature
  • Big chutney jar (500ml)
  • 2 year warranty

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder, 750W

Preethi Blue leaf diamond is the #1 mixer grinder because of its excellent ratings & reviews. It is the best-selling mixer grinder on Amazon India.

The powerful 750-watts inbuilt motor is capable of mixing & grinding all types of ingredients. The motor is designed so that it uses the supply power optimally, taking care of your electricity bill.

Preethi Blue Leaf mixer had a 3 level speed operation knob (Low/Medium/High) which gives us complete freedom of our mixing & grinding work.

Choosing the optimum speed ensures that the contents get mixed & blended properly. We get a smooth paste in minutes.Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder

It also comes with 3 different sizes of jars & a Flexi-lid also. It includes the main jar (1.5L), Chutney jar (0.5L), Middle jar (0.7L) & stirrer.

All the jars are made of stainless steel & are tested for endurance & performance. There is no fear of corrosion.

The jars have high-grade nylon couplers which provide smooth locking for hassle-free, stable usage. The noise level is 80-90 dB, which is normal in a 750 watts motor.

Don’t give it a second thought if you need a mixer grinder under 3000. The razor-sharp blades can grind turmeric in minutes. It is supreme in wet grinding or liquidizing.

Further, the blades are machine grounded, polished & corrosion-free, giving a superior grinding experience. The stainless steel design means no rusting at all.

The peculiar thing I noticed in Preethi Blue Leaf Mixer Grinder is the Flexi lid. It lets you convert the capacity of jars if you are not sure about the quantities of ingredients. You can transform the 1.5-litre jar into a 1-litre jar. So flexible, isn’t it?

Speaking of design, Preethi Blue Leaf is a clear winner in this regard. The exterior body is made up of ABS plastic, making it robust, shockproof & durable.

The heat-sensitive cut-off system assures us about no damage in case of over-heating, voltage fluctuations, or overload.

  • Superb grinding & liquidizing experience with 750W motor
  • Grinds/blends the toughest materials with ease
  • High-Grade Nylon Couplers for smooth usage
  • 3-jars system (1.5L, 0.7L, 0.5L) 100 % Stainless Steel Jars and Blades
  • Speed control (L/M/H)
  • Flexi lid for flexibility
  • Sharp blades for blending/pureeing for smooth powder
  • Auto-cut off in case of overheating/power fluctuation/overload
  • Shockproof ABS plastic body
  • Optimized power consumption
  • 2 Years warranty
  • 80-90 dB noise level

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preethi blue leaf review   

2. Preethi Zion 227 Mixer Grinder for Kitchen

Top Features:

  • Preethi mixer grinder with atta kneader
  • 4 Jars in total
  • Overload indicator
  • Separate blades for each task
  • Vegetable chopping

If you are looking for a complete kitchen solution, Preethi Zion 227 mixer grinder is an ideal choice. Being an expert in multiple tasks, it can do atta kneading, meat mincing, juicing, and chopping in minutes.

Above all, the Preethi tag on it makes it super reliable & safe to use.

Equipped with 750-watts powerful motors, the Preethi Zion 227 mixer grinder is ideal for regulars as well as tough grinding. It is easy to prepare tasty dips & chutneys, purees, soups, smoothies & milkshakes easily.

Not only this, but it can grind turmeric within 2 minutes.Preethi Zion 227 Mixer Grinder

The motor is capable of hard grinding such as coconut, ginger or preparing turmeric pastes. For people looking for a Preethi mixer grinder for dosa batter, preparation is now easy.

The motor comes with a 3-speed control knob such that you can choose the best grinding speed as per the ingredient (Low/Medium/High). The safety indicator notifies you with a red colour in the event of overload.

The faster motor cooling mechanism minimizes the wear & tear scenario and keeps the machine cool, for longer usage.

The razor-sharp blades of the Preethi Zion mixer furnish all kinds of tasks. We have different kinds of blades for different purposes.

These include the chopping blade, slicing blade, and grating blade. All kinds of blades are made of stainless steel which not only provides corrosion-free usage but ensures smooth grinding.

Preethi has performed 10 hours of reliability testing to assure us of its excellent quality.

Preethi Zion MG-227 is blessed with 4 high-quality, sturdy jars of different sizes. These are: grinding jar (1.5L), chutney jar (0.5L), liquidizing jar (1.5L), and a 0.2-litre turbo spice mini jar.

The best part is the master chef so that it does atta kneading in 1 minute, chopping in 4 pulses, slicing & grating in seconds & meat mincing.

preethi mixer grinder reviews

Citrus juice can be extracted with a 3-in-1 Insta Fresh Fruit Juicer jar. It extracts maximum juice without bitterness. Zion 227 prepares grated vegetables for salads and stuffed parathas.

It can do precise slicing for chips & salads. To summarize, Preethi Zion 227 is the ‘master key‘ for all your grinding needs inside the kitchen room.

Regarding the design & build, it is RoHS compliant and made of eco-friendly materials for good health and safety.

The food-grade components are TUV certified plastic, rubber & stainless steel. It is flex-lid, lightweight in design, and durable.

  • 750W powerful copper motor
  • 3-speed control with overload indicator
  • Tough grinding (ginger/coconut/turmeric)
  • Idli batter preparation
  • Atta kneading, chopping, meat mincing, grating in minutes
  • Juice extractor for fresh juice
  • Dry & wet grinding
  • 4 Jars system
  • Stainless steel, razor-sharp blades
  • Master chef & jar
  • RoHS compliant materials for health & safety
  • Food-grade components
  • 2 years warranty
  • Noise level is high

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3. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 For Indian Cooking

Top Features:

  • 5 Jars in total
  • Supreme grinding & food processing
  • Performs advanced operations
  • Fully safe operations with locking
  • Easy to use & durable

Looking for a mixer grinder with Preethi without any missing features? If yes, Preethi Zodiac 218 is made especially for you. It is capable of doing basic grinding & blending tasks to advanced ones also, within minutes.

Preethi Zodiac MG-218 has a powerful 750-watts motor that ensures robust operations. 750W vega W5 motor grind turmeric in 2 minutes.

Preethi zodiac has speed controls having a rotatory switch with 3 speed and incher. Thus, you have the flexibility to choose the optimum speed as per the ingredient in question.preethi mixer grinder 750 wattsThe mixer grinder comes with a safety indicator light which turns red in case of overloading. This means the motor is tripped and you need to reset the overload protector.

Though the cost of this Preethi mixer grinder is a little high, the features outweigh it.

Preethi has conducted 30 minutes of grinding tests as the motor is built to grind hard ingredients like urad-dal continuously for 30 minutes (2-min break with every 2-mins operation). The motor comes with 5 years warranty.

The super sharp multifunctional blades of Preethi MG-218 allow for the finest grinding & juicing experience.

Preethi has conducted 10 hours of blade reliability tests to ensure the blades are of excellent quality. These stainless steel blades are corrosion-free and deliver the best grinding, blending & mincing experience ever.Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder

Next coming to the jars, Preethi Zodiac 218 mixer grinder comes with 5 jars. The 2.1-litre master chef + jar has a lot of food processing capabilities.

These are- atta kneading in 1 minute, chopping in 2 pulses, grating & slicing in seconds, and meat mincing in few minutes. If you need a Preethi mixer grinder with vegetable cutter, here it is.

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The 3-in-1 Insta Fresh Juicer Jar operates on centrifugal juicing for instant juice, Super Extraction for coconut and tamarind extraction, and Blending.

One jar can do 3 functions- centrifugal juicer for fruits, super extractor which extracts tamarind essence of coconut milk, and blender which makes lassi & shakes.

Lastly, the design perspective is equally important for any mixer grinder. Preethi MG-218 is designed with the art of sophistication.

Soothing colours and fine craftsmanship guarantee adding elegance to your kitchen.

The body material is made of A.B.S. plastic, which gives the required strength to withstand fast motor speed. Durability and superior performance are guaranteed with a 2 year product warranty.

  • 750W Vega W5 Motor
  • 3-speed control with incher operation
  • Overload protector indicator
  • Super Sharp Multi-Functional Blades
  • RoHS compliant
  • Master Chef + Jar for food processing capabilities
  • Atta kneading, meat mincing, chopping, grating, slicing, mixing, juicing & blending
  • 3-in-1 insta fresh juicer- centrifugal juicer, super extractor & blender
  • 5 stainless steel jars
  • Non-slip feet
  • A.B.S body material
  • Graceful Design & Elegant Color
  • Warranty: 5 years on motor, 2 years on product
  • Noise level
  • Costly

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4. Preethi Peppy MG 245 Mixer Grinder

Top Features:

  • ABD body design
  • Suitable for all types of grinding
  • MCBT cooling technology
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight design

Which is the best Preethi mixer grinder? Have you seen any mixer grinders under 3000 that are dishwasher safe? This rarely happens, but Preethi Peppy MG 245 has made it possible.

It comes with a 750 watts high-power motor for efficient grinding. The heavy-duty motor has passed 215 hours of an endurance test.Preethi Peppy MG 245 mixer grinderAlso, it is has passed 30 minutes of continuous grinding test for quick & efficient grinding of tough ingredients. (Give it a 2 minute break after each 5-minute operation for a better life).

Like every other mixer grinder by Preethi, we get a user-friendly 3-speed control knob for speed selection. Since the motor runs on a 750W motor, you can use it for regular as well as tough grinding.

The cooling of the motor is equally important. For this, Preethi has come up with a unique concept called motor cooling booster technology (MCBT).

This revolutionary technology cools down the motor by heat flux generation, hence reduced heat load. Now coming to the blades, the Preethi Peppy mixer grinder has high precision blades for superior grinding & crushing

delicious chutney

Preethi has done 72 hours of salt spray tests to ensure they are rustproof. Not only this, but they have also undergone 10 hours of water load tests for durability & endurance. The blades are machine grounded.

We got 3 jars with Preethi MG 245 mixer grinder. It includes a liquidizing jar (1.25L), which is for wet grinding & preparing idli/batter or milkshakes.

A 0.75L dry grinding jar is used to prepare fine powder from spices. And lastly, the 0.3 litres chutney jar is ready to serve you with delicious chutneys, purees, and all.

The jars & blades are designed so that they increase the solubility of nutrients by 40%. As a result, improving the digestibility of food in a nutshell.

Preethi Peppy mixer grinder wet jar

Prestige peppy mixer grinder is great from a design & build perspective. The main body is made of high-quality ABS plastic material for added strength & durability.

All the jars & blades are made of stainless steel. So they are corrosion-free & non-breakable. However, I am a little disappointed that there is no lid-locking feature for the wet jar.

The most impressive thing about the Preethi Peppy mixer grinder is that it is dishwasher safe. Almost no other brand offers this feature at a price as low as 3000.

  • 750W copper motor
  • 3-speed control knob
  • Superior grinding performance
  • Sharp blades with salt test & endurance test passed
  • Ideal for regular as well as tough grinding
  • 3 Jars: wet jar (1.25L), dry jar (0.75L), chutney jar (0.3L)
  • Improved the solubility of nutrients by 40%
  • Motor cooling booster technology (MCBT)
  • ABS Body Design
  • Non-slip feet
  • Swish style design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2 years warranty
  • No jar locking
  • Jar sizes are little small

Verdict: You can see that there is every essential feature in the Preethi Peppy mixer grinder. Ranging from high-power motors to sword-like blades, it is truly performing.

Although there’s no jar locking, being dishwasher safe is an upper hand for sure. If you are looking for a Preethi mixer grinder under 3000, here is the answer.

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5. Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum 139

Top Features:

  • Preethi mixer grinder with juicer jar
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Grind N store feature
  • Protected from electrical faults

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum 139 Mixer GrinderLooking for the perfect yet powerful kitchen companion? Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum mixer grinder can be an ideal choice. The Preethi mixer grinder price is also reasonable.

This multi-functional food processor delivers a superior grinding experience while furnishing additional tasks with perfection as well. Let’s see how.

Starting with a powerful 750-watts motor, it gives efficient grinding and mixing to your ingredients and saves time.

It is highly optimized so that it consumes less electricity and time. Preethi Blue leaf platinum comes with a speed rotatory switch with 3 speed & pulse operation.

The three different speeds of the motor permits you to mix & grind the materials desired texture & speed.

Additionally, the pulse function runs the motor at the highest speed, good for grinding tough materials like turmeric, coconut, etc. Such insane grinding makes it among the top Preethi mixer grinders available in India.Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum review

Don’t worry about excessive heating or voltage fluctuations, because your mixer grinder comes with an overload protector.

Having this, the machine is safe from events like overheating or power fluctuations, thanks to the heat-sensitive cut-off system.

Coming to the blades, they are made up of high-quality stainless steel with high precision for best performance.

These sword-like blades perform various operations- mixing, grinding, chopping, and more. Due to their rustproof nature, they can be washed and cleaned with ease.

Preethi MG-129 mixer grinder has 4 durable jars. They are- Main jar (1.7L), Middle jar (1.2L), super extractor jar (1.5L), and Grind N’ store jar (0..4L).

All the jars are made of stainless steel and high precision for the best performance.

These stainless steel jars undergo 72 hours long salt spray test & water load test to ensure their rustproof quality and stability.

The clear & transparent polycarbonate lids & domes allow you to monitor the grinding & take action accordingly. Flow breakers inside the jars give fine grinding.

Sturdy & ergonomically designed jar handles give enough grip to handle the filled jars. High-grade neoprene and Delrin couplers assure smooth & trouble-free operation.

If you want a Preethi mixer grinder with the juicer, the super extractor provides maximum extraction of juices, coconut milk & tamarind essence, and shakes.

Preethi Platinum MG-139 comes with a shockproof ABS body, so that durability, endurance & heat resistance are guaranteed.

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The Grind N’ store jar is designed in such a way that you can store the ingredients inside it for a longer period of time. The contents will remain fresh inside that.

The machine was sealed in oil-filled, sintered bronze bushes for extended bush life. The wires are PVC insulated, flex cord with 6 amps plug-top & earthing. The motor comes with 5 years warranty & the product has 2 years warranty.

  • 750W powerful heavy-duty motor
  • 3-level speed control switch + incher
  • Overheating protection
  • Sharp SS blades for mixing, grinding, chopping, etc.
  • 4 Jars: Main Jar(1.7 L), Middle Jar (1.2L), Super Extractor (1.5L), Grind n’ Store (0.4 L)
  • Super Extractor Juicer
  • Transparent domes & lids
  • Ergonomic and rust-free jar handles
  • High-grade neoprene and Delrin Couplers for smooth trouble-free operation
  • Sealed oil-filled sintered bronze bushes for extended bush life
  • Shockproof ABS body
  • Warranty: 5 years on motor, 2 years on product
  • Weight (6 kg)
  • Noise level (because of 750W motor)

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Preethi mixer grinder rate & reviews-

6. Preethi Blue Leaf Gold Mixer Grinder

Top Features:

  • Excellent material quality
  • High-grade Nylon couplers
  • Big chutney jar
  • Superb grinding results with flow breakers
  • Value for money

Preethi Blue Leaf Gold 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Looking for a mixer grinder with Preethi and 750 watts motor? Preethi has a variety of mixer grinders but they have one thing in common: superb quality with compelling price.

Particularly, 750 watts mixer grinders are excellent in food processing. Preethi Blue Leaf Gold is one such example of their expertise.

It comes with a universal 750-watts powerful motor for best grinding. The 750W motor gives efficient mixing & grinding to the ingredients, saving your time & electricity simultaneously.

That’s why the review of the Preethi mixer grinder is so high.

Preethi Blue Leaf Gold reviews

Preethi Gold mixer comes with a 3-speed rotary switch with pulse function. The three different speeds ensure that the ingredients are mixed & grinded in the desired texture and state.

The pulse function enables the blending at your own rhythm. If your budget is 4000, it is a great mixer grinder for under 4000 rupees.

The heat-sensitive cutoff system keeps the appliance safe & secure from events like voltage fluctuations or overload.

The blades assembled in the jars are made of high-quality stainless steel. They are polished as well as machine grounded, giving you quick, fast & superior grinding performance.

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Come to the jars, Preethi Blue leaf Gold 3 jars. They are- 1.7L big jar, 0.75L middle jar & 0.5L chutney jar. All are 100% stainless steel jars with flow breakers for thorough grinding.

The domes & lids are transparent & made of polycarbonate material, thus unbreakable.

Preethi has conducted 72 hours salt spray test on the jars to ensure the rustproof quality. They also go through water load tests to ensure stability and endurance.

Flexi lids help you in converting the capacity of jars in case of doubt. With the Flexi lid, there is always room for adjustment. It converts 0.5-liter jars to 0.3-liter capacity jars.

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Coming to the design & build quality, the exteriors of the appliance are made up of high-grade ABS plastic material. This does not only provide strength but also makes it shockproof as well.

The wires are PVC insulated with 3 cores, flex cord with 6 amps plug top and earthing. The Nylon couplers give smooth & trouble-free grinding. It comes with a 2 year warranty with a life long free service.

  • 750W motor for tough grinding
  • 3-speed control with pulse function
  • Ideal for regular as well as tough grinding, idli batter, chutneys, etc.
  • Heat sensitive cutoff system, overload protection
  • 3 Jars- 1.7L, 0.75L, 0.5L
  • Flexi lid for adjustment
  • Stainless steel jars & blades
  • Polycarbonate domes & lids
  • Nylon Couplers
  • Shockproof ABS body
  • 2 years warranty, lifelong free service
  • Noise level issue

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6. Preethi Zodiac 2.0 MG235 Mixer Grinder for Cooking

Top Features:

  • All-in-one mixer grinder
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Atta kneading, meat mincing and juicing is easy
  • 4 Jars
  • 750W motor for best performance

Preethi Zodiac 2.0 MG235 Mixer Grinder review

If you need a complete mixer grinder that performs not only grinding but advanced food processing capabilities, Preethi Zodiac 2.0 is the answer.

It is an updated version of the Preethi Zodiac 218 mixer grinder, with more features. We will reach out to them, but let’s kick start with the motor.

Preethi MG 235 is equipped with a 750 watts Vega W5 motor which performs heavy-duty grinding. You can grind turmeric in just 2 minutes. There is one overload indicator as well.

You can select the best speed by using the 4-level speed control switch. Apart from this, Preethi MG235 has come up with user-friendly pre-set menus. These are dedicated buttons for atta kneading, batter, coconut chutneys, purees & pause the motor.Preethi Zodiac 2.0 MG235 750-Watt Mixer GrinderThis mixer grinder is designed in a way that it automatically identifies the optimum grinding speed & time for best taste & nutrition out of the ingredients.

Since it performs multiple operations, super sharp blades are crucial. It is facilitated with the same. These are made extra strong & extra sharp such that they can deliver excellent results in less time, without losing the sharpness over time.

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Preethi Zodiac 2.0 MG235 is blessed with a total of 4 jars. It includes one chutney jar, one dry grinding jar, one juicer jar & one master-chef food processor.

Need a Preethi mixer grinder with an atta kneader? With the food processor, you can do atta kneading in 1 minute, chopping, meat mincing, batter preparing & citrus press.

preethi MG235 main body

The 3-in-1 insta fresh juicer jar performs 3 juicing functions. These are of centrifugal jar, blender & super extractor. Hence, we can prepare whatever we wish- fruit juices, coconut milk, or milkshakes.

Preethi Zodiac MG235 is a well-researched product by nutritionists & engineers. It took them 3 years to come up with this masterpiece.

The main body is made of supreme quality ABS material for long-term usage without damages. Since it performs heavy tasks, the vacuum rubber feet offer stability.

All the jars & blades are of stainless steel. The juicer jar is made of polycarbonate. It is a dishwasher-safe mixer grinder. However, there is no locking system.

  • 750W vega W5 motor for superior performance
  • 4-speed control system
  • Max RPM: 19000
  • Dedicated buttons for easy specific operations
  • Overload protection
  • Ideal for grinding, blending, atta kneading, meat-mincing & juicing
  • 3-in-1 insta fresh juicer jar
  • 4 Jars: Chutney jar, dry har, juicer jar & 1 master-chef jar
  • Safe & reliable
  • ABS Body Material
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2 years warranty
  • Costly
  • No jar locking

Verdict: From the detailed review of the Preethi MG235 mixer grinder, you now know that it serves a lot of features. From basic grinding to advanced features like atta kneading & meat mincing, it is truly worth it.

I accept the fact that it is a little costly. Go for it only if you have a proper budget. It is made for a fully digitized kitchen.

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7. Preethi Crown MG-205 Mixer Grinder for Home

Top Features:

  • Budget-friendly mixer grinder from Preethi
  • Heat sensitive protection
  • Dishwasher safe attachments
  • Best grinding results with couplers & flow breakers
  • A good choice for normal grinding & blending

Preethi Crown MG-205 500-watts Mixer Grinder

Do you want a Preethi mixer grinder of 500 watts? Though 500W grinders are only for regular grinding tasks, they are huge in demand. What more do you need when Preethi Crown MG-205 comes with all the promising features?

Equipped with the high-performance 500-watts motor, Preethi Crown performs several key tasks. Preparing dips & chutneys, Purees & soups, smoothies, milkshakes to name a few. The motor ensures high efficiency and short circuit protection.

750 watts preethi mixer grinder

It has a rotatory switch with a 3-speed control & incher so that you can choose the optimum grinding speed as per the material.

Simply turn the knob, and select the speed among low, medium & high. The heat-sensitive cutoff ensures protection against voltage fluctuations & overload.

Preethi Crown mixer grinder has a machine grounded & polished stainless steel blades for effective grinding quality.

The sharp blades are not only good at fine grinding but their corrosion-free design makes them strong & usable for years.

Coming to the jars, Preethi Crown 205 has 3 jars- 1.2-litre Jar, 0.7-litre jar &, 0.3-litre chutney jar. These straight jars provide efficient grinding.

High-grade Nylon couplers hold the jars tightly for smooth trouble-free usage. If you’re looking for a mixer grinder under 2000, it could be a wise choice.

The stainless steel jars are not only ideal for wet grinding, dry grinding, chutney making etc but they are pretty stylish & shiny.

The classy mixer grinder has ergonomically designed handles with easy & convenient grip. So handling & storage won’t be an issue.

Preethi Crown’s exquisite body design is perfect for a small kitchen. It is compact & sleek but the A.B.S body material makes it powerful. With anti-skid feet, the appliance becomes highly stable, offering convenient operation.

The shockproof body ensures safety from any type of electrical leakage. The flow breakers inside the jars are for the finest grinding.

  • 500W High-performance motor
  • 3-speed rotary switch with incher
  • Short circuit 7 overheating protection
  • Ideal for regular grinding
  • Machine grounded SS sharp blades
  • Nylon Couplers & flow breakers for fine grinding
  • Stainless steel jars: 1.2 Litre Jar, 0.7 Litre Jar, 0.3 Litre Jar and Stirrer
  • Shockproof ABS body for strength & durability
  • Compact & sleek design
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Anti-skid base for stable operation
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Not for tough grinding like turmeric etc.

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8. Preethi Popular MG 142 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Top Features:

  • Highly durable product
  • PVC wires
  • Life Long Free Service
  • Shockproof body
  • Fit for hard grinding

Preethi Popular MG 142 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

If you are looking for a cheap Preethi mixer grinder of 750 watts, then Popular MG-142 should be in your mind. It promises a variety of activities like wet grinding, chutney making, and tough grinding with the heavy-duty 750-watts motor.

Preethi Popular 142 has a powerful 750W copper motor. It is ideal for not only regular grinding but tough grinding can be performed like- turmeric, ginger, etc.

This high-performance motor helps in better functioning. The 3-speed rotary switch lets you choose the best motor speed as per the ingredients for best grinding or mixing.


Moreover, the incher moves the blades in a zig-zag path, so the mixing & blending becomes easy. In short, the motor is capable enough for all types of work- preparing dips, chutneys, purees, soups, tough grinding like preparation of idli/dosa batter or grind turmeric/ginger or coconut paste.

The razor-sharp blades of the Preethi 142 mixer grinder are made of 100% stainless steel for fine grinding. The appliance features a PVC insulated 3 core, Flexi cord with 6 amps plug top and earthing for better safety.

Now coming to the jars, Preethi popular mixer grinder has 3 jars- wet grinding jar (1.7L), middle jar (1L), and chutney jar (0.4L).

A variety of delicious dishes can be prepared with the help of these. The flow breakers inside them provide fine grinding.

The high-grade Nylon couplers in the jars stick to the motor tightly for a stable & smooth grinding experience.

Of course, all the jars are made of 100% stainless steel, for a shiny look & corrosion-free usage. The elegant handles help in better working and easy-grip while grinding.

Last but not least, the design part of Preethi’s popular mixer grinder is winning. It comes with a shockproof ABS body, preventing any shock while working.

Not only this, but ABS plastic is a tough polymer that gives the required strength to the appliance.

Running the motor at full speed may result in skidding or unnecessary movement of the grinder. To counter this, Preethi Popular has anti-skid vacuum feet which gives stability on any type of floor.

It has oil-filled sintered bronze bushes for extended bush life. Another wise choice for mixer grinder below 4000 budget.

  • 750W motor for regular + tough grinding
  • 3-speed rotary switch with incher operation
  • Stainless steel sharp blades
  • 3 jars: 1.7L big jar, 1.0L middle jar & 0.4L chutney jar
  • Ideal for: wet grinding, blending, mixing & tough grinding
  • Flow breakers & Nylon couplers
  • Oil-filled sintered bronze bushes
  • Transparent lids & domes
  • Shockproof ABS body for strength & durability
  • Anti-skid vacuum feet for stability
  • Sturdy & elegant handle for handling
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • More noisy

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9. Preethi Steel Supreme MG-208 Mixer Grinder

Top Features:

  • Attractive design & build quality
  • Anti fingermark coating
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Stylish handles

Preethi Steel Supreme MG-208 Mixer Grinder

As the name suggests, the Preethi Steel mixer grinder is made of a steel body. Apart from that, we have a lot of benefits with this 750 watts Preethi mixer grinder. Let’s see one by one.

Coming with a 750W motor, it enables you to grind even the toughest materials with ease. It is ideal for regular as well as tough grinding. Preparation of chutneys, purees, masalas, or turmeric grinding becomes super easy.

India’s best mixer grinder brands

The motor speed can be controlled with the 3-speed rotary switch. You can select the best speed among low, medium, or high. Not only this, but the pulse function is helpful in blending, etc.

The heat-sensitive cut-off system protects the appliance from potential damage against voltage fluctuation or overload.Preethi Steel Supreme mixerThe sharp blades of Preethi Steel supreme 208 grinder are machine grounded & polished. It gives a superior grinding experience with superb quality. The steel-made blades are corrosion-free as well as unbreakable.

The 4 jars enhance the beauty of this mixer grinder. This includes a 1.5-liter jar, 1-liter jar, 1.5 liter super extractor, and 0.5-liter chutney jar. All of them serve different purposes like wet grinding, dry grinding, chutney making & juicing.

The super extractor of Preethi MG-208 gets the most out of your ingredients. It ensures the complete extraction of juice, coconut milk & tamarind essence with ease.

It does not produce a lot of waste, like other juicers. The chrome-plated ergonomic handles not only stand out in terms of style & class but also ensure worry-free usage.

High-grade Nylon couplers in jars are responsible for smooth grinding. From a design perspective, we have a lot to say. It is made of a matte finish steel body which enables easy cleaning of the mixer.

The matte finish body prevents fingerprint impressions away for easier cleaning. Thanks to turbo-vent technology, the ventilator decreases the heat produced and keeps the appliance cool. The body is shockproof.

  • 750W powerful motor
  • 3-speed control with pulse function
  • Heat & voltage fluctuation protection
  • Machine grounded polished blade for superior performance
  • Turbo vent technology for cooling
  • Best for regular & tough grinding
  • 4 Jars- 1.5L, 1L, 1.5L Extractor Jar & 0.5L chutney Jar
  • Chrome-plated ergonomic handles
  • Anti-finger coating
  • Shockproof body
  • India’s first fully steel body mixer grinder
  • Easy cleaning
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Little costly

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10. Preethi Lavender Pro 600-Watt Mixer Grinder

Top Features:

  • 5-speed settings
  • Very lightweight
  • Chrome switch plate
  • Turbo vent technology
  • 600W high-performance motor with ball bearing

If you are looking for Preethi 500 or 600 watts mixer grinders, Eco Plus is what you should be looking for. It delivers a lot of useful tasks easily as we will see.Preethi Lavender Pro 600-Watt Mixer Grinder

The copper-made 600W motor comes with a ball bearing. It is ideal for light grinding tasks, like preparing dips & chutneys, purees, soups, etc. But for tough grinding, I suggest you go for 750-watt mixer grinders.

Like every other mixer grinder, Preethi Eco Plus has a 3-speed control switch. Having this, you have the freedom to choose the grinding speed (Low/Medium/High).

The pulse function also provides for the zig-zag movement of blades.

100% stainless steel polished blades are sharp enough to finish any kind of grinding task in minutes. It also has oil-filled, sintered bronze bushes for extended bush life.

It has a heat-sensitive cutoff system to avoid damage in case of voltage fluctuations or overheating.best preethi mixer grinders in IndiaPreethi Eco plus mixer grinder is blessed with 4 jars. These are- 1.5L main jar, 1L middle jar, and one 0.4L chutney jar, and 1.5L super extractor.

While the jars are made of stainless steel for a glittering look & corrosion-free design, the dome & handles are polycarbonates.

The high-grade Nylon couplers are there for a tight coupling to the motor & ultimately giving us a smooth, trouble-free grinding operation.

The super extractor extracts juices from fruits, coconut milk, and tamarind essence, (up to 3 glasses at a time).

  • 600W motor with ball bearing
  • 3-speed control switch + pulse function
  • Heat sensitive cut-off protection
  • Ideal for light grinding
  • Polished blades for fine grinding
  • 4 Jars: 1.5L big jar, 1L medium jar, 0.4L chutney jar & 1.5L super extractor
  • Super extractor for preparing fruit juices, coconut milk etc.
  • Ergonomic handles: Stainless steel jars with flow breakers
  • High-Grade Nylon Couplers for smooth usage
  • Chrome switch plate
  • Life Long Free Service
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Not for tough grinding tasks

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Conclusion | Best Preethi Mixer Grinders Online

After the Preethi mixer grinder review, you now know what factors to keep in mind before taking action. Motors, blades, jars & design should be your priority.

Above all, mixer grinders by Preethi are well researched & have excellent user ratings.

If you would like to know our opinion (unbiased), you can go for the Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond or Preethi Zion MG-227. Both come with a 750W powerful motor, covering all grinding aspects. If your budget is high, Preethi Zodiac MG-218 is a great choice.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Preethi a good brand?

Definitely. Preethi kitchen appliances have been widely used for the last 4 decades. Since their establishment in 1978, Preethi has won the trust of millions of Indians with its offerings.

  • What are all the mixer grinders models?

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Preethi Blue Leaf Gold CHECK PRICE
Preethi Crown MG-205 CHECK PRICE
Preethi Premium Mixer Grinders
Preethi Zion MG-227 CHECK PRICE
Preethi Zodiac 2.0 MG235 CHECK PRICE
Preethi Steel Supreme MG-208 CHECK PRICE
Preethi Xpro Duo CHECK PRICE

  • Which is better, Philips or Preethi mixer grinder?

Both are great brands that offer kitchen appliances (especially mixies) at the best prices. You can go with either of them. Choose a Bajaj mixer grinder if you are interested.

  • What is the difference between 500 watts & 750 watts?

500 watts motors are only made for light to medium grinding. They are unfit for tough grinding. On the other hand, a 750W mixer grinder can perform tough grinding & generates higher RPM.

Read more about the 500W vs 750W mixer grinders.

  • How do you take care of your Mixer Grinder?
  1. Clean the main body with a wet cloth immediately after each use.
  2. Wash the jars with a hand rub properly.
  3. Store in a cool place, away from the reach of children.
  4. Detach the blades (if possible) & clean them with utmost care.
  5. Do not operate in case of fluctuating voltages.
  6. Don’t run a mixer grinder with inverter power.
  7. Better shield it with a cloth when not in use.

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