Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder Review | Cookwell Mixer Grinder 500W Price

Cookwell Mixer Grinder, 500W, 5 Jars

Looking for cheap  mixer grinders? If yes, you are in right place. We have just found one such mixer juicer grinder which covers every aspect of the Indian kitchen at price as low as 2000. In our Cookwell bullet mixer grinder review, you’ll be amazed to see how many benefits you can get despite not burning your pocket that much.

Cookwell Bullet 500 watts Mixer Grinder Specifications

ModelCookwell Bullet Mixer 500-watts Grinder
Speed Control KnobYes
BladesDedicated blades for grinding & juicing
Suitable ForRegular grinding & juicing
Jars5 Jars (3 Jars option available)
Weight2.7 Kg
Body MaterialABS material, polycarbonate jars
Warranty1 Year

Motor & Blades

Coming with the 500-watts superfast motor, Cookwell bullet mixer grinder runs with a speed as high as 22,000 RPM. It blends, mixes, grinds, chops & prepares juice within minutes.

Though the noise is less, I do not recommend it for tough grinding tasks like- turmeric, garlic, or coconut. 750-watts mixer grinders are preferred for these key tasks as they require higher wattage.

cookwell bullet mixer grinder 500w review

It consists of 3 different blade units for various purposes. These are wet grinding blades, dry grinding blades, and froth & cream blades (for juicing). Many mixer grinders brands in India lack on this part.

The wet grinding blade has 6 leaves that can prepare chutneys, juices, gravies & smoothies. The dry grinding blade comes with 4 leaves which can grind dry fruits, pulses, coffee beans, masalas & spices. Creamy milkshakes, lassi, ice cream & egg can be prepared by froth & cream blade.

cookwell buller grinder blades

The surprising thing is, we can select any combination out of 3 blades & 5 jars. It provides us with maximum utility & we can grind any food we want.

However, there is no auto-switch-off facility. So, do not overload it unnecessarily. Otherwise, this all-in-one mixer grinder performs four functions- mixing, grinding, chopping & juicing pretty well.

Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder Jars

Cookwell mixer grinder comes with 5 jars, giving maximum utility & freedom. Freedom in the sense is we can choose any combination of blade & jar. However, you can also choose Cookwell Bullet mixer grinders with 3 jars option.

cookwell mixer grinder price in India

These are a Small jar (2pc) for dry grinding & chutneys, a portable jar (2pc) for the preparation of smoothies, juices & protein shakes. The big jar (500 ml) is suitable for gravies, juices & batter preparation.

All the jars are made of polycarbonate, providing the required strength & durability. Also, we get four lids. Delivering so much value makes it among the best mixer grinders under 2000. However, You can also choose the Cookwell’s 3 jars option.

Design & Build Quality

Talking about the design & build quality, the Cookwell bullet grinder is compact with an attractive finish which is ideal for the modern kitchen. Its sleek design gives an outstanding performance. It’s made of ABS body. The sleek design always gives you outstanding performance.

Cookwell Mixer Grinder, 500W, 5 Jars

It does not consume space like bulky food processors & other mixer grinders. Elegant construction ensures easy washable & detachable parts. It only weighs a little over 2 Kg. The non-slip feet ensure stable operation all the time.

No multiple & complicated attachments. It has quick start functioning- no buttons involved. No spilling while blending. Cookwell bullet mixer grinder 500W is the best choice for a small family with moderate grinding & juicing requirements.

Pros & Cons | Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder 500W Review

  • 550W motor
  • Blends, grinds, juices & chops in seconds
  • 22,000 RPM speed
  • 5 Jars: Small jars (2), Portable jar (2), Tall jar (1)
  • 3 types blades: Wet grinding blade, dry grinding blade, froth & cream blade
  • Freedom to choose any blade with any jar
  • Juicer for juice preparation
  • ABS body material (2.7 Kg)
  • Compact & consumes less space
  • Easy to operate & clean
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • No Speed control
  • No Auto-cut off

Conclusion | Cookwell Mixer Grinder Price (500W)

After the Cookwell bullet mixer grinder review, you are now aware of its pros & cons, benefits & shortcomings. Though it’s not for tough grinding, still delivers according to the pricing.

The noise level is not too high. If you want an entry-level juicer grinder for regular grinding, it is the best choice for you. Despite being ranked among cheap mixer grinders below 2000, it delivers a lot.


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