Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder- 5 Key Points | Which is Best?

food processor vs mixer grinder buying guide

Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder which one to Buy?

People want to simplify their cooking obstacles. For that, they decide to buy either a mixer grinder or a food processor. But what is the difference between a food processor and mixer grinder?

In this 3 minutes definitive guide on these two crucial kitchen tools, you will be in a better position to choose one over another.

Food Processor and Mixer Grinder in India

Both these kitchen appliances have the same purpose- to make your cooking experience fun & save time. However, there’s a few key difference between a mixer grinder and food processor we should be aware of.

Requirement: What are your cooking requirements? Is only furnishing basic grinding, cutting & chutney making? Or you are a pro cook & need some advanced tools to do meat mincing, chopping, slicing & kneading?

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If your answer is the first one, consider choosing a mixer grinder. But if you want to perform some advanced tasks, a food processor is a better option for you. Additionally, it will save you invaluable time inside the kitchen.

Tasks: The food processor and mixer grinder perform a different set of tasks. A mixer grinder is well designed for grinding, cutting, crushing, mixing & juicing.

food processor uses

Other features include chutney making, wet grinding & even juicing. Whereas a food processor is best known for shredding, chopping, grating, meat mincing & slicing.

Keep note that, food processors cant extract juices from fruits or vegetables. They are not designed in that way.

Food Processor and Mixer Grinder Difference

Wattage: Of course, a food processor has a high-power motor for complex operations. It starts with 1000 watts & goes as high as 1200 watts. Hence, your electricity bills are going to rise in case you opt for a food processor.

heavy duty 750-watts copper motor

In the case of mixer grinders, they come with a motor as low as 500 watts, 750 watts & 1000 watts as well. You can refer to our guide on how much watt mixer grinder is good for your home. Mixer grinders will always consume less electricity than food processors.

And yes, you have to bear with the noise level a food processor will produce. Mixer grinders produce lesser noise than them (but enough to get irritated).

Blades: Since both have different cutting mechanisms, they differ in the architecture of blades. Food processors’ blades are designed sharp, mainly for cutting & chopping the food to desired texture.

You can change the blades of a food processor, but not in the case of mixer grinders (as they are fixed with jars). But is a food processor better than a mixer grinder? If yes, read the next point.

Price: In terms of price tags, a mixer grinder comes as low as Rs. 2000. But for a promising performance & durability, you should go for a mixer grinder available at Rs. 3000 or 4000.

On the other hand, food processors pricing is quite high. It starts from Rs 5000. If you want the best food processor out there, be ready to spend more than 10,000 rupees.

So Which is Better, Food Processor or Mixer Grinder?

Is a food processor better than a mixer? As I have explained in earlier sections, both with their own strength & drawbacks. One can’t be superior (or inferior) over the other. No Kitchen appliance can be made perfect.

It seems like a food processor can do everything that you wish for, but that’s a myth. You can’t do juicing with it. For that, a mixer grinder is needed. It’s like an endless fight on food processor vs juicer mixer grinder, & is completely subjective.

It completely depends on your requirements & cooking lifestyle. If you have moderate needs, go for a mixer grinder. But if you really have less time left after the office & you can afford, a food processor is a great idea.