Hand Mixer vs Hand Blender- 6 Key Differences Explained

difference between hand mixer and hand blender

When it comes to simplifying the cooking workarounds, we have to deal with some kitchen appliances. But which one is to choose- hand mixer vs hand blender?

Today we will discuss the difference between hand mixer and hand blender- the two most powerful tools to furnish a lot of key tasks.

Hand Mixer and Hand Blender Difference

Hand Mixer uses:

young women using a hand mixer in kitchen

  • You can use a hand mixer for milk whipping & atta kneading to make dough.
  • Easy to use with no complexity
  • You can mix cake batter (or any batter)
  • Prepare lassi or Raita
  • Icing
  • Mashing potatoes

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Hand Blender uses:

women using immersion blender

  • Useful for blending
  • Pureeing
  • Can prepare tomato sauces
  • Preparing smoothies
  • Mixing salad dressing
  • Beating eggs
  • Whisking of beverages

Which one to Buy, a Hand mixer or Hand Blender?

It purely depends on your requirements & expectations. We have listed all kinds of tasks you can use with a hand mixer & an immersion blender.

whipping using hand mixer

If you often want to prepare batters, want to whip milk, or prepare atta dough, a hand mixer is a good choice.

On the other side, if your need lies more in blending, pureeing, or want to prepare sauces or smoothies, a hand blender is made for you.

Hand Mixer vs Hand Blender- Pros & Cons

Hand Mixer Pros & Cons

  • Used for a variety of functions: whipping, atta kneading, & more.
  • Excellent mixing results as compared to a general mixer grinder
  • Made to handle large quantities of ingredients for mixing
  • Pricing: starts as low as Rs 1500
  • No complexity is involved in operating
  • Cannot be used for blending
  • Consumes more power than a blender

Hand Blender Pros & Cons

  • Optimized for best results in blending
  • Useful in preparing tomato sauces, purees, etc.
  • Easy to use & store
  • Pricing: starts at Rs. 1000-1200 only.
  • Can be used as a hand mixer but only for small quantities.
  • Be vigilant while operating
  • Limites functions

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FAQs on Hand Mixer and Hand Blender

Is Hand Blender Same as Hand Mixer?

-No, both sound similar but come with key differences. They might clash in a few functions but are intended for different sets of operations, as already explained.

Can a Hand Blender be used as a Mixer?

-If you do not have a dedicated hand mixer, you can use the blender instead. However, you can’t just pour a large quantity into the bowl.

Can you use a Hand Mixer as an Immersion Blender?

-Yes, you can. But the dough will not be as fluffier as it would be in the case of blenders.

Hand Mixer vs Hand Blender Which One to Buy?

-It depends on one’s requirements inside the kitchen.

Both are good products with a common purpose- to make the cooking time less with superb food processing results.