How to Clean a Mixer Grinder Jar? Here’s How it’s Quick & Easy

How to clean a mixer grinder jar? Nobody looks forward to cleaning the jar of a mixer grinder. But you should remember, cleaning is not a one-time job. It has to be done frequently so that your appliance can last for years to come.

They do an amazing job of pulverizing all that we throw at them, but sometimes the mixture gets stuck between the blades and walls of the jar.

Just like an unused mixer grinder, this mixture is open to spoiling and can turn harmful if not cleaned properly. This is rather simple to fix; all you need is a little patience, some mild detergent and vinegar.

6 Reasons Why You Should Clean Mixer Grinder Jar-

clean mixer grinder jar

Mixer grinder is the most used kitchen appliance of Indian homes. It is used to make batter for pakoras, dosa, idli, vada, etc. There are many reasons to clean a mixer grinder. If you clean it regularly, it will last longer and work fine. These are some of the major reasons:

  • If food gets stuck in the holes of the grinder then it may not grind the next time you use it. Food particles can also get into your food when you use it next time.
  • Mixer Grinders are made of metallic blades which might become rusted if they are not cleaned properly. Rust leads to an uneven cutting of food items and they may not turn out as smooth as they should be. Food particles can cause infection if they are left on blades or any other part of the grinder for too long.
  • We all know how dirty our hands can be at times and if we do not wash them properly before using the mixer grinder, then there are chances that some amount of that dirt will get into our foods when we use it again.
  • The dishwasher won’t be able to wash off all those tiny bits of dirt which may lay deep inside the crevices between the blades.
  • If the blades of the mixer grinder are not cleaned regularly, they can get rusted and will not work efficiently. Also, if these blades get rusted and you still try to use them, it may lead to severe injuries or lacerations. So always clean your mixer grinder thoroughly after each use.
  • If the jars are not cleaned properly, they can get accumulated with dirt and food particles which can cause rusting of the jar surface over time causing leakage of water or other liquids from the jar.

Cleaning Your Mixer Grinder Jar is Quick and Easy

1. Remove the base from the mixer grinder jar.

2. Wash it with soap and water thoroughly before cleaning.

3. To remove tough stains from the jar, fill it up with warm water and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to it.

4. Mix everything well and then wash the jar with warm water after 10 minutes.

5. Dry the mixer grinder jar with a soft cloth after washing it.

6. Check if any water drops are remaining in the jar by shaking it or vibrating it after rinsing it with clean water properly.

7. After drying, put back the base on the mixer grinder jar and use it as required.

Tips to Clean Mixer Grinders 

The following tips will help you to clean the mixer grinder jar easily.

First, remove the blade assembly from the jar. Then, use some warm water and some detergent to clean all the residue off the jar, including inside it. Make sure you scrub all parts very well with a sponge or brush so that all stains are removed.

Second, boil some water in a pan and add some salt to it. Add the detached parts to this hot salty water for two minutes.

After two minutes, wash them with cold water thoroughly using your hands or a brush to make sure all the salt gets away from them. If you find any rust on any of the parts then use fine sandpaper to remove them.

Third, pour one tablespoon of vinegar and lemon juice into the jar, which is filled with half a cup of water.

Allow it to sit undisturbed for a few hours before you wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water using your hands or a brush.

This will remove all traces of grease from inside your jar ensuring that your next grinding session will be smooth sailing!


If you are looking for a mixer grinder, then it is possible that you might want to know how to clean the one that you already own.

The truth is that what the majority of people do when they find out that their mixer grinder has become dirty is to throw it away and get another brand new one.

However, this shouldn’t be your first thought. You should think about your inner self and your needs instead.

Mixers that are made of stainless steel are also easy to clean because of their smooth texture and finish. The fact that they are non-reactive makes them impossible to stain or corrode after years of repeated use.

The best practice is to clean the device immediately after use. This will not only protect its performance but will also give your device a longer life.