How To Take Care Of Your Mixer Grinder? Do & Dont’s

Mixer grinders are the most frequently used and the most inexpensive appliance in your kitchen, but do you know how to take care of your mixer grinder?

They are normally used on a daily basis, and we use them to make some of our favourite foodstuffs such as smoothies, chutneys and many more.

But despite their frequent usage they don’t seem to last long enough. We need to know what we can do to ensure that they last long enough.

Why Do You Need to Take Care of Mixer Grinder?

Mixer Grinder is one of the utility appliances in every kitchen. It is used to grind or mix different substances together to make them into a paste or fine powder.

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They are available in various sizes, styles, brands and price ranges. Though all mixer grinder has similar features, but handle material, blades quality, jar materials are the few factors that make an appliance good or bad.

Mixer Grinders are quite handy in our daily lives. They come in different shapes and sizes which are suitable for different needs.

But, it’s inevitable that at some point you might have to face some issues with your mixer grinder. Like any other electrical appliances, Mixer Grinders also need proper care and maintenance to last long.

The tips below will help you take good care of your mixer grinder so that it can be used for many years to come.

4 Tips to Take Good Care of Your Mixie-

1. Before using the grinder, remove all the dust and grime from it with a dry cloth or a damp one if needed. If you use a damp cloth then dry it properly after that. This will help the appliance work for longer periods of time without encountering any problems later on due to the buildup of dust and grime.

2. After using the grinder for grinding something wet, wash it with warm soapy water and allow it to dry. This will prevent the growth of moulds and mildew over time, which is harmful to your health.

3. Never grind anything hard or heavy in it. This will not only cause problems to the motor but might also damage the blades as well as other parts of the grinder.

4. Mixer Grinder needs proper maintenance and cleaning to last more. The metal body of the mixer grinder is prone to rust if not dried up after use or cleaned properly. The motor of the mixer can get damaged if you don’t place it on a stable surface.

Don & Dont’s: Caring Your Mixer Grinder


Keep it clean: Your mixer grinder is exposed to flour dust and residue during the grinding process. Thus it is necessary to keep it clean after every use so that it does not collect any particles which can affect its performance or cause any problems later on. Use a soft cloth to wipe off excess flour dust after each use. Also, make sure you remove any leftover food

Keep it dry- The device should always be kept dry. You can clean it with a dry cloth only so that there is no moisture build-up inside it. If not cleaned properly, there might be rusting at some point which will damage the device completely and render it useless.

Do not overfill- You can add all the ingredients according to your requirement but never fill more than two-thirds of the jar of your Mixer Grinder as overfilling may cause spilling which will affect the blades as well as other components of the device.

Keep the blades clean: While using your mixer grinder, if any food item gets stuck between the blades then immediately switch off the appliance and try cleaning it with a wooden spatula or spoon. Never ever try cleaning it with water or any other liquid, because that may cause damage to the motor of the mixer grinder.

Never overburden the motor: If you use your mixer grinder for grinding hard materials like ice or stones then it may cause damage to its motor or may also lead to overheating.

Avoid water contact: Unplug before you clean. Never use water to clean your mixer grinder, this will not clean it properly and can lead to a short-circuit in the appliance. Wash the jar and blade assembly in warm soapy water.


Mixer Grinder is one of the most essential items in your kitchen. It is used to grind and mix various ingredients.

Taking care of your Mixer Grinder will let you use it for a longer period of time without any problem.

You can perform a few simple steps that will keep your mixer grinder safe from damages. Hope this article can help you understand how to take care of your Mixer Grinder.

To ensure that my Mixer Grinder lasts long, I keep it clean and free from dust. In fact, the best protection from a lot of wear and tear is a healthy coating of oil.

So once a month, I take a few minutes to spray some cooking oil on the blades or the body of the mixer grinder and rub it in to help it stay rust-free. And as with any machine, never run it for a very long time without stopping.