Is Higher watt Mixer Better? Mixer Grinder Wattage Battle

Watt is one of the most widely used specifications while buying a mixer grinder. But do you really know what watt means? Is higher watt mixer better? Does it guarantee more power and performance? Let us find out.

What’s the wattage of a mixer?

If you want to buy a mixer grinder, you must know the wattage of the mixer grinder. The wattage determines how much power is in the mixer grinder and hence how efficient it would be.

The most important thing to look for when buying a mixer grinder is the wattage. A higher wattage generally results in a more powerful machine and high efficiency.

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While purchasing a mixer grinder, check out the power rating on the product. This will help you know if the unit has adequate power or not for your need.

As a general guideline, 600 to 750 watts is enough for average usage at home while 1000 watts mixer grinders are ideal for heavy usage at home.

You should know that the wattage of your mixer grinder is really important when it comes down to how quickly it can chop and grind your ingredients.

The higher the wattage, the faster it will work but this does not mean you should go out and buy an appliance with a very high wattage if you do not need it!

How Powerful Should a Mixer Grinder Be?

The power output of your mixer-grinder depends on what you would like to make with it. If you want to make small quantities at one time, then it doesn’t matter how big or small your machine is, but if you’re planning on making large quantities every day then you need something that has enough power.

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With a powerful motor of 300-500W, the mixer grinder is the ideal appliance for anyone who needs to chop vegetables, grind, mince or purée their ingredients.

For instance, if you want to make dough or grind hard grains like wheat or sugarcane, you may require a high-powered mixer grinder.

But if all you need is to make chutney or grind oats and almonds, then even a 1-watt will be sufficient. So before buying a mixer grinder, ask yourself these questions: What am I going to grind? And how often?

The right mixer-grinder will be powerful enough to grind anything you throw at it. Choose a machine that has at least 500 W of power, which is enough for even the toughest jobs, such as grinding grains.

Wattage or RPM, Which is Better?

The power rating given in watts can be confusing because higher wattage does not necessarily mean more power and vice versa.

The maximum power that a mixer grinder can deliver at any given RPM is its peak output capability.

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This means that if you have a 2200-watt mixer grinder, it will produce 2200 watts at 6000 RPM but only 5400 watts at 12000 RPM.

In this case, the peak output would be 5400 watts at 12000 RPM instead of 2200 watts at 6000 RPM.

There is another specification that should be considered before buying a mixer grinder and that is RPM. This stands for revolutions per minute and indicates how fast your mixer grinder can spin its blades.

A faster or higher RPM means that your mixer grinder will be able to cut through food faster. But what does this mean?

If you want to cut down on cooking time, then having a high wattage and high RPM will help you do so.

But if you want to conserve energy and want a quiet machine, then you may want to look at other specifications like the number of jars available for your mixer grinder and auto shut-off feature.

Does higher wattage mixer grind faster & better?

Generally, higher wattages indicate more efficiency. Also, mixie grinders with high wattages tend to have more features than those with lower wattage ratings.

In addition, mixie grinders with high wattage ratings are more durable and efficient. Usually, a higher wattage indicates that the appliance will be more efficient and powerful.

So when you are going to purchase a mixer grinder make sure that it has a high wattage rating for better performance and greater efficiency.

Mixer grinders are available in different wattage range. A higher wattage mixer grinder will help you to get your grinding done quickly.

This is not an established fact that the more the watts, better the performance of your mixer grinder.

Why Higher wattage does not mean better performances?

Higher wattage does not always mean faster grinding. A mixer with a high wattage motor can work faster and better if it has a large capacity jar.

When the jar is full, it will be harder to spin the grinder by hand which means you would need a higher wattage to do the job.

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If the jar is only partially filled, a lower wattage motor can do the job just as well as a high wattage motor.

The general rule of thumb for choosing a mixer grinder is that bigger is better. If you have a small family or you don’t use your mixer grinder very often, a small 250-watt mixer can do the job just as well as a 1,000-watt one.

However, if you make chutneys or other dishes in large quantities, having a powerful mixer grinder could save you time and effort.

When choosing between two mixers with similar features, go with the one that has more power. In fact, this makes more sense than paying attention to price because if you pick a mixer that is too weak for your needs, you’ll end up spending more money buying one that’s more powerful in the future.


Though the lower wattage mixer grinder does have its disadvantage (noise, vibration), it also has its advantages (less maintenance, less power consumption). Both products are popular among people due to their different features.

Mixer grinders that have more than 550 watts offer very little advantage for their users.  The price difference, when compared to the lower wattage ones, is not justifiable when we consider the performance/utility quotient.

But higher wattage does not always mean better performance. After all, it is important to remember that performance of appliances is generally determined by the motor’s RPM capacity. The higher capacity, the better the performance of the mixer grinder.

Moreover, even if one has a high wattage appliance, it does not mean that it would last long. While working, the actual Wattage used by the mixer grinder can reach up to 4 times more than its rated wattage, which means that the higher the Wattage, the shorter its life span.