Top 6 Morphy Richards Mixer Grinder Reviews & Buying Guide (Jun 2022)

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Today, we cannot even imagine our kitchen without a mixer grinder. It plays an invaluable role during meal preparation.

Be it grinding tough ingredients, mixing, blending or preparing delicious chutneys, a mixer grinder comes to rescue us from the complexities involved during the process.

It dramatically reduces the cooking time with its expertise in processing the raw food into smaller pieces. We will discuss it in detail while going through the list of mixer grinders by Morphy Richards.

Before the invention of mixer grinders, Indians were using stones to grind & crush dry spices for vegetables. (even today people use it in rural areas).

But when mixer grinders & blenders came into existence, they revolutionized the overall cooking experience. Because they don’t need any helping hand, but almost everything is automated.

However, before you think of buying a mixer grinder for your kitchen, we want you to go through the 6-steps simple buying guide we have prepared which will help you make the right decision.

Points to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Mixer Grinder-

1. Motor Wattage

How much wattage mixer grinder is good for Indian dishes? This is the first question people ask during the research. So, remember:

  • For tough grinding like- coconut, garlic, or idli/dosa batter, select a mixer grinder with 750 watts motor.
  • If you need it only for light to medium grinding, 500 or 600 watts of motors are enough.
  • Your motor must have overload protection & air ventilation for faster cooling.
  • Always select copper motors, not Aluminium motors.
  • Check for RPM, it should be in between 18000 to 22000.

2. Jars

  • Choose a mixer grinder with at least 3 jars.
  • An additional juicer jar might be present inside the packing box.
  • All the jars (expect juicer jar) should be made up of high-quality stainless steel material only.
  • All the jars should not be too small.

3. Safety Features

  • Lid-locking features are preferred.
  • Nylon couplers ensure spill-free usage.
  • Noise should be minimal.
  • A heat sensitive cut-off system should be present.

4. Blades

  • A multifunctional blade system should be sharp enough to cut the dry spices.
  • Blades must be made up of stainless steel only.
  • If the blades are detachable, that’s awesome.

5. Design & Build Quality

  • The mixer grinder’s main body must be made up of high-quality ABS material for strength.
  • Connecting wires is to be made up of copper.
  • Vacuum rubber feet provide stable operations.
  • The appliance should not be too bulky to store.
  • Prefer dark colours over light colours.

6. Warranty & Service

  • The mixer grinder should come with a warranty of 2 years (at least).
  • The motor warranty is to be 5 years.
  • Check for service centres of the company in your city or locality.

morphy richards mixer grinders reviews and price in india

Best Morphy Richards Mixer Grinders to Buy

Morphy Richards Mixer GrindersLinks (Amazon)
Morphy Richards Icon Superb CHECK PRICE
Morphy Richards Icon Classique CHECK PRICE
Morphy Richards Aero Plus CHECK PRICE
Morphy Richards Primo Classique CHECK PRICE
Morphy Richards Icon Supreme CHECK PRICE
Morphy Richards Icon DLX CHECK PRICE

1. Morphy Richards Icon Superb Mixer Juicer Grinder

Top Features:

  • 4 Jars
  • 20000 RPM speed
  • Safety features
  • Superb grinding results
  • 2 year warranty

If you often perform tough grinding, you should go with a heavy-duty motor. Because a higher watts motor generates higher RPM which can process the hard ingredients easily.

The Morphy Richards icon mixer grinder is equipped with a 750 watts copper motor. It can rotate as high as 20000 RPM to carry out all types of grinding, mixing & blending.

Morphy richards icon superb mixer grinder 750 watts

This copper motor is highly efficient not only for grinding but juicing as well. You can better control the speed with the 3-speed settings with the incher facility.

Multiple functions are carried out by the Morphy icon mixer grinder which is facilitated by 4 hardened SS blades. They are extremely sharp like anything.

We got a total of 4 jars. They are:

  • Juicer jar (1.7 Liters)
  • Liquidizing jar (1.5 Liters)
  • Dry/wet grinding jar (1 Liter)
  • Chutney jar (0.4 litres)

Hence, even if you need a mixer grinder with a juicer jar, this product matches your requirements. Prepare healthy juices, blend mango shakes, tomato sauces, whip eggs or cake batter, grind coffee beans or prepare ginger-garlic pastes in no time.

For safety purposes, the Morphy icon superb mixer grinder comes with overload protection, jar locking feature, vacuum feet & shockproof insulated body.

This is the #1 choice for people looking for a Morphy Richards mixer juicer grinder.

  • Mixer grinder wirh 750 watts motor
  • 3-speed settings with incher
  • 4 Jars
  • Efficient juicing, grinding & blending experience
  • 4-SS blades
  • Jar locking system
  • Overload protection
  • Vacuum feet
  • Shockproof body
  • 2 years warranty (5 years on motor)
  • Noise level is high.
  • Poor quality juicer jar


2. Morphy Richards Icon Classique Mixer Grinder for Home

Top Features:

  • 30 minute rating
  • Durable product
  • Big chutney jar
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean, use & store

If you need one for tough grinding, you need a Morphy Richards 750W mixer grinder. Get home to the Morphy Richard’s Classique model & enjoy the best grinding experience. Its 5 sharp SS blades are highly capable of grinding, mincing, chopping & more.

With a 750 watts copper motor, the company guarantees flawless functioning for 30 minutes. Because intense food processing asks for a good amount of time.

This mixer grinder by Morphy Richards is blessed with 3 high utility jars. We have one chutney jar (400 ml), a dry grinding jar (1L) & a liquidizing jar of 1.5 litres.

Morphy Richards Icon Classique 750-Watt Mixer Grinder for home

Hence, it covers all types of grinding aspects. From a safety point of view, it comes with an OLP (overload protection) indicator for the long life of the motor.

Further, the 3-pin plug protects the appliance in case of any electrical faults. The body, couplers, handles, lids & jars are made up of extremely high-quality materials for durability.

Above all, the Morphy Richards icon mixer grinder, which is under 3000 is compact & lightweight (4.7 Kg). That’s how storage becomes so easy.

  • 750 watts mixer grinder
  • Speed control settings
  • Excellent grinding results
  • 3 High-quality jars
  • OLP indicator
  • Jar locking system
  • 5 hardened stainless steel blades
  • Durable accessories & componnets
  • 2 years warranty
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • No juicer jar in the box


3. Morphy Richards Aero Plus Mixer Grinder 500 watts

Top Features:

  • Durable components
  • Cord winding facility
  • Good fit for normal grinding
  • Heat & shockproof body
  • Pocket friendly

Are you looking for a mixer grinder available at Rs. 2000? A 500 watts mixer grinder is enough to perform light to medium grinding.

Morphy Richards aero plus model has a 500 watts copper motor for different tasks. It operates on 230 volts.

Morphy Richards Aero Plus mixer grinder 500 watts

The powerful motor of the aero plus enables you to perform dry grinding, wet grinding & chutney making effortlessly. Like other Morphy Richards models, this one has a 30 minute rating for flawless functions.

The stainless steel and razor-sharp blades can cut the Indian spices coarsely or to their finest particles with ease.

Though it has overload protection, there is no jar locking system. So, you have to hold the jars tightly to avoid any sudden bounce.

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Searching for the lowest price Morphy Richards mixer grinder? This 500-watt mixer grinder comes with 3 high utility jars. They are:

  • 1.5L for liquidizing
  • 0.8 litres multipurpose jar
  • 0.4 litres chutney jar

The dry & wet grinding jar is a little small, it should have been 1 litre. From a design perspective, this mixer grinder model left no stone unturned to impress us.

The main body is made up of ABS material which gives the strength & is shockproof. Ergonomically designed handles & jars lids steal the show.

  • 500W motor
  • user-friendly control knob
  • wet grinding, dry grinding & liquidizing
  • 30 minutes rating
  • Overload protection
  • 3 Jars
  • ABS body
  • Ergonomic handles & lids
  • 2 years warranty
  • No jar locking
  • Multipurpose jar is small


Morphy Richards Mixer Grinders Price List-

4. Morphy Richards Primo Classique Mixer Grinder

Top Features:

  • Bell-shaped body
  • 18000 RPM
  • Suitable for all kinds of grinding
  • Safety features

If you need a mixer grinder under 4000, this one will satisfy your needs in this budget. This not only guarantees perfect grinding & blending but ensures all the tasks are carried out safely.

Coming with a 750 watts powerful motor, Morphy primo Classique can perform light & tough grinding with ease. The 18000 RPM speed is enough for dry grinding, wet grinding, blending, etc.

Morphy Richards Primo Classique Mixer Grinder for cooking

Furthermore, the motor has overload protection which keeps it safe from overload & excessive heat generation.

Get the best grinding results by selecting an optimum speed among low, medium or high, along with the incher function.

The best thing I observed on Morphy Richards primo mixer grinder is its 5 razor-sharp, stainless steel blades. These super sharp blades can cut, mince, & chop the vegetables within seconds.

Moving forward, you get 3 jars that cover different aspects of grinding, blending & chutney making. We have one 1.5 litres liquidizing jar, 1-litre dry grinding jar & 400ml chutney jar.

Each jar is made up of high-quality steel for durability & are lustrous. Most brands miss out on providing lid-locks, but Morphy does not.

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I personally like the way Morphy Primo Mixer grinder is designed for your home. First, the main body is made up of a high-quality ABS body which makes it shockproof & durable for years.

Secondly, the bell-shaped body consumes very little space in your kitchen. The cord winding facility allows for easy storage of the power cord.

  • 750 watts heavy-duty motor
  • 3-speed with incher function
  • Superb grinding, chopping, blending & mincing
  • 3 SS jars
  • 5-sharp blades
  • Lid locking
  • Cord winding
  • ABS body
  • Compact design
  • 2 years warranty (5 years on motor)
  • High noise
  • Few people got the defective product


5. Morphy Richards Icon Supreme For Kitchen

Top Features:

  • Get grinding in seconds
  • Unique Flexi jar
  • Big chutney jar
  • Excellent built & design

Do you need an all-in-one mixer grinder by Morphy Richards? If yes, their Icon supreme model has some unique features which are normally not offered by other brands in India.

First of all, you can grind the toughest of materials with ease with the 750 watts powerful motor. Next, it has overload protection & speed selector switches with an incher function.

Want to prepare idli or dosa batter for breakfast? Just feed your mixer grinder with the ingredients & relax.

To sum it up, you can perform dry grinding, wet grinding, blending & preparing delicious chutneys with the Morphy Richards icon supreme mixer grinder.

Morphy Richards Icon Supreme mixer grinder 750 watts at lowest price

Since these tasks require an adequate amount of time, this mixer grinder comes with a 30 minute rating. Hence, you can process a large volume of foods with multiple grinding sessions.

To carry out multiple functions, the Morphy icon mixer grinder is equipped with 5 hardened stainless steel, super sharp blades.

You’ll get 4 jars with lid-locking:

  • 1.5 litres liquidizing jar
  • 1 litre dry/wet grinding jar
  • 0.4 litres chutney jar
  • 1.5 litres Flexi jar

The big liquidizing jar is quite helpful in blending sauces & gravies, whipping cream & mixing the ingredients thoroughly.

What’s unique I see in this mixer grinder is the Flexi jar. It is a multipurpose juicing jar that comes with a special filtering mesh for fruit pulp & coconut.

Lastly, all the body components are highly durable because they are all made up of high-quality plastic. They are made ultra-strong so that they won’t break or get damaged in spite of prolonged use.

  • 750 watts motor with OLP (overload protector)
  • 30 minute rating
  • Fit for tough grinding, wet grinding, blending & mixing
  • 5 extra sharp SS blades
  • 4 Jars with lid-locks
  • Flexi jar for juicing
  • Durable body components
  • Cord winding facility
  • 2 years warranty on product
  • No motor switch locking
  • Pricing


6. Morphy Richards Icon DLX Mixer Grinder 750 watts

Top Features:

  • Extremely durable mixer grinder
  • Mixer grinder with 5 year warranty on motor
  • Powerful grinding of hardest materials possible
  • Not too bulky

If you use your mixer grinder too harshly, consider getting a durable mixer grinder from Morphy. The Icon DLX model is extremely durable, strong & can be used over a long time.

Talking about its grinding ability, the duo of 750 watts motor & HSS 202 blades offers powerful grinding of the toughest materials.

The motor comes with a 30 minute rating, so process the raw food without taking any unwanted breaks in between.Morphy Richards Icon DLX mixer grinder for kitchenHaving said that, you can conveniently mince, grind, blend & chop fruits & veggies in a matter of minutes. But what about the safety features that we talked about in our buying guide earlier?

Morphy Richards Icon DLX mixer grinder has a 3-pin plug, OLP protector, safety locks & rubber feet ensuring 100% safe meal preparation.

Also, the motor comes with a 5 year warranty. Furthermore, we have received 3 jars for various purposes. The liquidizing jar has lid locks & an ergonomic handle for safe handling.

However, the price of this Morphy Richards mixer grinder is a little high for this product. We do not have any juicer jars in the box. Also, the equipment is not dishwasher friendly.

  • 750W copper motor with OLP protector
  • HS 202 sharp blades
  • Excellent grinding results
  • 3 High-Quality Jars
  • Lid locking in the liquidizing jar
  • Durable body components
  • Long-lasting product
  • 2 years warranty
  • Expensive
  • No juicer jar
  • Highly noisy


Conclusion | Morphy Richards Mixer Grinder Reviews

After reviewing all the models of Morphy Richards mixer grinders, you should be in a position to select the best one for your kitchen.

All of the listed products are highly rated, known for best performance & received great appreciation from the Morphy customers, worldwide.

If you would like to know our opinion (unbiased), you can go for Morphy Richards Icon Classique OR Icon Superb for tough grinding.

On a budget, the Morphy Aero Plus model is a great choice to go for.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Morphy Richards a good brand?

Morphy Richards is a very reputed brand for kitchen tools & appliances. Their products are widely loved in western countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. They are in the business since 1936.

In India, Bajaj electricals have a partnership with Morphy Richards to make, sell & market their products for Indian households.

  • What is Morphy Richards mixer grinder?

Their mixer grinders are highly equipped with quality materials for a long-lasting design. You can rely on them to get the best out of grinding, blending, mixing & all.

All the mixer grinders by Morphy Richards come with 2 years warranty, & the motor has 5 years long warranty.

  • How to repair a mixer grinder?

If the product is under warranty, don’t open it yourself because it will void the warranty. Instead, contact the customer service team to get it repaired free of cost.

  • Morphy Richards vs Philips mixer grinder: Which one to buy?

Both the brands are well known & trusted by millions. You can go through the Philips mixer grinder price list before you make a decision.

  • How many watts mixer grinders is good for home?

For light grinding tasks, a 500 or 550 watts motor is enough. But if you want to grind turmeric, garlic, coconut or prepare dosa batter, go for 750 watts of mixer grinders without any hesitation.

  • Why did the mixer grinder stop working?

Before drawing any conclusion, check if the motor has been switched off due to overload. It happens. Reset the mixer grinder & retry. If it’s still not working, contact the company for repair.

  • Can a mixer grinder be used as a juicer?

No, we highly discourage you from using a mixer grinder to extract juice from vegetables or fruits. But if it’s a juicer mixer grinder, or you have got one juicer jar, you can enjoy juicing in addition to general tasks.

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