Why Burning Smell comes From the New Mixer Grinder? 3 Reasons

When you get a new mixer grinder, the first thing you notice is that it’s making unpleasant noise. But you may have noticed something else, too: The smell of burning!

A few days ago I bought a new mixer grinder. It started making noise and also gave off a burning smell. In most cases, this smell is because of the burning of varnish coating & should go away within a few days.

Why would a burning smell come from the new mixer grinder we just bought? This can be a very common problem. A lot of times, when people get a new mixer grinder, they encounter this problem. There could be any number of reasons for this.

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Top 3 Reasons of Burning Smell From New Mixer Grinders

Every machine is different and has different parts. It is hard to tell without actually seeing the machine. Below are some of the most common reasons for this:

1. Whenever you get a burning smell from new mixer grinders, the varnish coating of the motor started burning for the first time. This is a thin coating that causes the smell upon burning. If this is the case, there’s nothing to worry about & the smell would fade away in the coming days.

2. There’s something wrong with the motor- usually a broken belt or some other internal damage has occurred, which can’t be seen by looking at the outside of the machine.

This is a very common cause for this problem, so if you have an extended warranty, it’s definitely worth taking it in to have checked out. If not, you may have to replace the motor yourself.

3. The blades are loose or already damaged– it is possible that something happened during shipping or while moving/assembling that caused one or more of the blades to break off their shaft.

Most mixers have a few spare blades inside the box somewhere, so if this happened, you’ll want to get a replacement blade and try to reattach it before replacing the whole unit.

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Troubleshooting Burning Smell From Mixer Grinders 

A burning smell is a common problem of mixer grinders. This is a normal phenomenon with all the new products. It’s mainly because of some reasons:

1. The first time when you use the mixer grinder, it needs some time to adapt the new machine’s material(plastic, metal) and production process. So do not worry about this phenomenon, just keep using it several times.

2. If you use too much water to grind the food, it also leads to a burning smell. And if you use dry powder food like spices, the grinding speed will be faster than wet food, which may cause a burning smell too.

3. There are some kinds of spice powder like coriander powder which has high oil content, it generates more heat during grinding, so it may cause a burning smell.

4. If your mixer grinder has worked for a long time without cooling down, it would cause a burning smell too. If you still have this kind of problem after using it several times, please contact us or our distributor for help. We will check it out and solve your problem as soon as possible .

5. The mixer grinder comes with a small motor like 500 watts, so it is easy to get overheated. When the motor overheats, it may emit burning smells. If you see some lint sticking on the blade of your mixer grinder, remove it immediately before using it.

6. The blade will not be sharpened completely if there is some lint stuck on it. If you continue using your mixer grinder with the dull blade, it may cause overheating of the motor and make a burning smell.

If you encounter these problems with your mixer grinder, all you need to do is contact with service centre nearby or an online service centre for any assistance.


Experience is a terrible teacher. The more you use your mixer grinder, the lesser the lifespan of the motor and other parts.

Although it’s very unlikely, if you feel that there’s a burning smell while the mixer is on (not when the bowl is empty), then I would recommend that you stop using it immediately and get in touch with the warranty/service centre. The whole mixing system might be faulty and needs to be replaced there.

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