Wonderchef Sumo Mixer Grinder 1000W Review, Specifications & Price

Wonderchef Sumo Mixer Grinder 1000W review

Read expert views on Wonderchef sumo mixer grinder 1000W review before buying.

Looking for a powerful mixer grinder? No doubt that they have become an essential part of our cooking lifestyle. But choosing the perfect one is a workaround having so many options out there.

If you’re looking for a high-power grinder, we have got you covered with a Wonderchef sumo juicer grinder. Let’s analyze what are the benefits of it in the Wonderchef sumo mixer grinder 1000W review.

Wonderchef Sumo Juicer Grinder Specifications

ModelWonderchef Sumo Mixer Grinder
Motor1000W Pure Copper motor
Motor Ratings220-240V
Speed Control KnobYes with whip function
Blades4- SS unique coarse grinding blades
Suitable ForRegular/tough Grinding & Juicing
Jars4 Jars [wet jar (1.5 L), dry jar (1 L) chutney jar (0.4 L), Juicer jar (1.5L)]
Weight4.9 Kg
Body MaterialCuboidal body suction feet
Warranty5 Years on motor

Motor & Blades

Wonderchef sumo juicer grinder is equipped with a powerful 1000 watts copper motor. It consists of a heavy-duty copper armature for optimum performance.

Since it runs on 1000W, it grinds even the toughest ingredients to the finest parts evenly. The motor is highly durable despite high wattage & tough mixing/grinding tasks.

You can select the best-suited speed among low, medium, or high as per the requirement. Wonderchef has provided an advanced ventilation mechanism to keep the motor cool, ensuring longevity.

Wonderchef Sumo Mixer Grinder 1000W

Wonderchef sumo’s 1000 watts motor has overload protection enabled for safety. It is ideal for grinding sambhar masala, coconut chutney, idli/dosa batter. Blending purees, pastes, milkshakes, smoothies, dips are fun.

The unique coarse grinding blades come with blunt edges, giving a stone pounding effect on dry masalas. It retains the original flavor.

The 4-rust-proof SS blades are sharp enough to perform the toughest grinding at ease. Grinding dry masalas, blending milkshakes, preparing juices or idli/dosa batter is super easy than ever.

Wonder Sumo Mixer Grinder Jars

Wonderchef sumo 1000 watts mixer grinder comes with 3 jars to cover different aspects of cooking. Additionally, we get one blender jar with a fruit filter.

The 1.5-liter wet grinding jar is the best fit for smoothies, milkshakes, curries, dips & idli batter. The dry grinding jar is 1 liter in size & it’s used for the preparation of garam masala & other spices powder.

The chutney jar is 400 ml in size. It is big enough to prepare delicious chutneys & wet gravy pastes. Lastly, The 1.5-liter blending jar with fruit filter is best for blending tasks & preparing fruit juices. (Like Wonderchef nutri blend grinder)

Extraction of juices takes place without pulp, thanks to the fruit-filter attachment. All the jars are food-grade optimized.

All the jars are made of stainless steel for rust-free storage. The flow breakers inside them let the ingredient fall evenly onto blades, giving the finest possible results.

juicer grinder jar

Design & Build Quality

This is the most impressive part of the Wonderchef sumo mixer grinder 1000 watts. The main body is has a cuboidal shape for added strength & stability.

Additionally, the rubber feet at the bottom enhance the overall stability. It is an important factor since you’re running a powerful 1000 watts motor.

Wonderchef Sumo Mixer Grinder design

Jars & blades are made of stainless steel for a corrosion-free design & durability. Sumo juicer grinder weighs 4.9 Kg. They have ergonomic handles & sturdy lids for effortless handling. We get clips on each jar that lock the lids, keeping it spilling free.

Pros & Cons: Wonderchef Sumo Mixer Grinder 1000W Review

  • 1000W heavy-duty copper motor
  • Superior grinding & mixing results
  • Overload protection & speed control knob
  • Advanced air ventilation system
  • Best for dry/wet grinding, mixing & juicing
  • 4-SS sharp blades
  • Coarse grinding blades replicate the stone pounding effect
  • 4 Jars: Wet jar (1.5L), dry Jar (1L), Chutney jar (400ml), Blender (1.5L)
  • Juicing without fruit pulp
  • Food grade SS jars with flow breaker technology
  • Clips for spill-free operation
  • Ergonomic jar handles & lids
  • Cuboidal shape for added stability
  • Suction feet
  • Warranty: 5 Years on motor
  • Not Dishwasher safe
  • Noise level

Conclusion | Wonderchef Sumo Mixer Grinder Price

After looking at the Wonderchef sumo mixer grinder 1000W review, you know that it gives the best grinding results with the toughest materials, in addition to regular tasks.

If you need a mixer grinder that fulfils all the tasks including juicing, it is made for you. Noise level is high as we observer in every high power motor. Overall, the Wonderchef sumo mixer grinder comes with a lot of benefits at an affordable price tag.

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